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Death Front v1.2

Map Information
Submitted: sora1301
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Aug-24-11
File Size: 141kb

Death Front v1.2

The Story:
Your are sent to a place with which we have lost any contact since two days. According to the few information we have, a deadly virus infected all living things turning them into hostile creatures. You are the first encounter squad and you are facing an unknown ennemy, so be cautious.

Must to survive, here's how!

You have to face waves of zombies coming to kill you. You need a lot of teamplay and co-ordination. You have to build a solid and well-thought base, ensure that your team mates stay alive by healing them and reducing their infection level, that dangerous zombies are killed as fast as possible, that you do not run out of ammo or food etc... Each class has a specific mission to carry out. If someone fails, it could kill the whole team.
This is a fast, active and stressful game. You always have to fetch items and use them as well as your abilities. This is not a game that lasts 2 hours you spend waiting and watching zombies getting killed. You have to play all the time at 100% and take decisions quickly.
This game is hard. Be warned! This is a challenging never ending game. Your goal is to get a high score.
This map is made to be simple. That means everything can be known easily. There are few zombie types, few marine classes, few item types. This is not a big map, everything is about gameplay.

More about this map!

Special Features:

Autobalance : The number of zombies is proportional to the number of players. That means you can try to play alone
Randomly generated map : At start, a city is randomly generated, placing obstacles at differents points, what will make each game different.
Items drop : The airforce supports you during your mission. To get items, you have to order some and they will be dropped randomly on the map. Then, you will have to fetch them (risking your life sometimes).
Item-depending game : In this game, you will always need items. Your abilities can help you, but you really need items to succeed in everything. There is no permanent item. There are only usable items with some charges. That means you always have to order some and fetch some. You will never be "full stuffed" stopping your progression for the rest of the game. Each class has a +50% effectiveness with a certain type of items. For example, a medic heals 75HP with a medkit instead of 50.
Infection : You have an infection level which increases if you stay near corpses or if you get hit. The more you are infected, the more you take damage over time. To decrease infection you have to take antidotes. Other medicines can help you to stay alive.
Food : You consume food over time. If you have less than 2 food units, you will starve and take damage over time.
Ammunition : Your ammunition is limited. If you run out of ammunition, you will simply not be able to attack anymore.
Hero attributes system : Each time you level up, you get 1 point you can spend in constitution, weaponry or battery (which replace strength, agility and intelligence). Constitution is movement speed and hit points regeneration (useful to scout and fetch the items). Weaponry is damage and attack speed (to increase your DPS). Battery is energy (mana) regeneration (to allow you to use your abilites and your items more often).
Dying system : This system will help you not to die too fast. It lets you a chance to be rescued by your mates. When your HP fall to 0, you just fall on the ground unable to attack or move and you will die from infection if you are not rescued. If you get healed to more than 0, you will be able to get up and fight again. If your HP fall to -200, you will die forever.
Simple zombie assault : This will allow you to keep a base with holes and no get focused all the time. The zombies are dumb and will walk toward you attacking everything on their way.


Your class defines your abilites and your passive bonuses. There are 4 classes in this game.
Soldier (Damager, fighter)
It is the basic main damager. It is strong and good at killing mass ennemies.
Passive : Chance to do splash damage, additional hit points.
Abilities : Bash (close combat ability), Grenade launcher (deals damage in an area), Fury (increases attack speed, movement speed and makes you immune to physical damage)
Difficulty : Easy
Recommanded stats : Weaponry
Bonus with items of type Weapon


Ranger (Damager, scout, sniper)
It is the altered damager, can fetch items easily and keep a wide field of view for your team, also good at neutralizing single strong units.
Passive : Chance to do more damage on hit, extended sight, extended attack range.
Abilities : Flare (reveals an area), Snipe (deals a huge amount of damage), Raid (allows you to become invisible and move through obstacles)
Difficulty : Medium
Recommanded stats : All
Bonus with various items of all types


Medic (Support, healer, rescuer, surviver)
It is the main support, can heal and keep a low toxicity level to protect the team. It is good at rescuing and has a great survivability.
Passive : Slows and increases damage received by the target on hit, gets less infected, resistance to slowing effects.
Abilities : First Aid (heals), Morphine (immunes to damage from infection), Acid (cleans the base), NBC Mode (grants infection immunity and bonuses on your abilities)
Difficulty : Hard
Recommanded stats : Battery, Constitution
Bonus with all items of type Medicine


Engineer (Support, disabler, defender, builder)
It is a defensive unit which can build and keep a decent base. It can also weaken zombies by reducing their mobility and their damage.
Passive : Reduces attack speed and movement speed on hit, additional energy, gets more credits, additional energy, gets more credits.
Abilities : Repair, Electro Gun (slows a target), Remote Mine (stuns in an area), Smoke Bomb (make zombies miss their attacks)
Difficulty : Hard
Recommanded stats : Battery
Bonus with all items of type Material


There are 3 types of zombies. Knowing them is a key to success.
Common zombie (1 point)
This is the classic zombie you will have to kill many, many times. It attacks the barricades in priority.


Hunter (3 points)
This is a fast-crawling zombie (ghoul). It is invisible and will try to attack the marines at all cost. If there is a hole in your barricades, he will go through. You have to kill it fast as soon as you see one.


Enforcer (10 points)
This is a huge zombie (abomination). It has a lot of hit points and does a lot of damage, but is slow. It deals extra damage against mechanical (barricades, tanks). It has life regeneration, so make sure to focus it when you decided to kill it.


There are 16 items from 4 item types in this game.
Primary Supply (costs 1 credit)
It is vital. It is food, ammunition and energy. You should order this periodically, so that you will not run out of ammunition or starve.
- Food (x5) : Keeps you alive
- Ammunition box (x4) : Allows you to shoot
- Power cell (x2) : Some energy (mana)


Medicines (costs 2 credits)
They are needed to heal and keep a low infection level. Order this if the global health of your team is bad and if it is getting hard to survive.
- Antidote (x5) : Reduces infection
- Antibiotics (x5) : Heals over time
- Bandages (x10) : Heals and stops infection
- Medkit (x3) : Heals


Material (costs 2 credits)
It is needed to build a base. Order this if you think your base cannot defend you decently against zombies.
- Barricades (x10) : Used as a wall against zombies
- Landing area (x1) : Allows you to get an item on it during a drop
- Spikes (x10) : Used to slow and damage zombies
- Torches (x15) : Has a wide sight and reveals invisible units


Weapons (costs 2 credits)
They are needed to fight zombies. Order this if you think it takes to much time to finish your waves.
- Grenades (x6) : Damages and stuns in a small area
- Molotov cocktails (x6) : Sets fire in a small area
- Rocket launcher (x2) : A powerful splash weapon
- Shotgun (x12) : A weapon which deals damage on a line
- Sniper Rifle (x50) : Adds damage to your attacks

Beginner's Guide:

I will explain you here how to play in concrete terms.

1) Your marine
Choose your class in the transport helicopter. Spend your 2 marine's attribute points (battery is a good choice at start).

2) Placing the command post
Take the command post and put it somewhere. There are many ways of placing your command post. You can use the trees and houses to make a natural invincible wall or you can use a plain area for a better visibility.

3) Ordering some items
Click on the command post and spend your points to order some items. As you really need some barricades, I recommand you to take massive material at start, some weapons can be useful though. Once everybody ordered items, require them to be dropped.

4) Fetching items
Once the items are dropped, the team has to get them and bring them back to base. Just look at the minimap to know where they were dropped. Remember, you need barricades at start, so you can start building.

5) Making the base
Once you got some barricades, you can build a wall that surrounds you. There are many ways of making a good base. The command post can be in or out of your base, it can also be a part of the wall. The wall can have some holes or can be totally closed. An opened base is useful for getting in and out for repairs, building or items fetching, but hunters will get in. If you have a hole, you need to cover it with spikes and a torch to prevent zombies coming in. If you are in team, everyone should build some barricades, because one marine can not build everything (except a good engineer).

6) Before a wave
Before the wave starts, the team should scatter everywhere on the map to get items and then run back to the base. If you are badly injured and could die in many seconds, do not get out of the base or ask a medic for morphine. The medic can stay in the base to clean it and the engineer can stay to (re)build. If the wave starts exactly at the same time with the drop, do not take too much risks. Do not try to get an item far in the edge if you are not an experimented player (especially if you are not a ranger). Do not get hit! If you die far from the base, it could kill the whole team trying to rescue you.

7) During a wave
During the wave, everybody has his specific job : the soldier has to use the weapons wisely (do not waste them, but use them). The ranger has to be very careful in order to neutralize hunters as fast as possible and has to kill tanks. The engineer has to keep an eye on the barricades and repair them (holding "ALT" is a good trick to see any possible gap). He can also use smoke grenades and electro gun to reduce the global zombies damage. The medic has to be very careful too. He has to keep an eye on the life of each marine and on the global health. Spamming morphine on a badly injured marine till you get the medicines to cure him works fine.

8) At the end of a wave
Before the wave ends, you should order your items or they will come too late. The ranger can leave the base before every zombie is killed and can start getting some items. If your base is a closed base, you will probably have to destroy a barricade to allow your team to get out. You will obviously destroy the most damaged barricade and rebuild it when everybody is back in base.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


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