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Sunken City v6.9

Map Information
Submitted: sora1301
Map Genre:Arena/CTF
Last Update:Sep-03-11
File Size: 6310kb

Sunken City v6.9

Map Size - 192x192
Tileset - Sunken Ruins
Suggested Players - For 3 players(teamwork)

It has been 26 years since the Orcs first came throguh the Dark Portal and rained chaos over Azeroth. Recently a great tremor shaked the face of Azeroth. Eight days after it some sailmen reported for a new island in the sea. Noone belived until some ships were sent to look around. Each time some ships were sent, only a few came back.Two days after it was first heard of the islands Thrall called a meeting to decide who will go there to see what actually is happening on the island. Three brave heroes were chosen to explore the Temple and find out how it came out of nowhere. You maybe are one of this three heroes!

This is a map where you control one hero and must fight your way through a huge temple in order to reach the end. On the way you will encounter - Secret areas, Small puzzles, Numerous bosses, Tons of monsters, Traps.

1)3 types of heroes
-Strength: contains 4 heroes.
-Agility: contains 4 heroes.
-Intelligence: contains 4 heroes.
2)Custom abilities.
3)Custom tooltips.
4)Numerous custom icons.
5)Each hero has different type of armor and damage.
6)Each hero has unique playstyle.
7)Item recipes.
8)Bosses with own unique tactics.
9)Custom shop system.
10)The heroes and most of their abilities are based on the Blizzard's game - World of Warcraft.
11)Hovering damage texts.


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