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District 99 v1.10

Map Information
Submitted: sora1301
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Sep-03-11
File Size: 1787kb

District 99 v1.10

Map Size - Medium
Tileset - Barrens
Suggested Players - For 10 players(5v5)

The new in this version(1.10)is:
- NEW MAP: BEERFEST 99: Post apocalyptic beer-chugging asskickery. Dalaran Tileset.
- 2 NEW ITEMS: The "Beer Tankard" and "Monster Energy Drink", available from the Spaza Shop, and refillable at various pubs now dotted around the map!
- Replaced the Metro Police's "Cops" with "Heli-Cops" that fly.
- Heroes can no longer be repicked at any point in the game.
_ Increased all Prawn hit points by 50.
- Fixed a creep camp bug.
- The Scoreboard now registers "Neutral Hostile" Creep Kills.
- Fixed an exploit with the "Ghost of an Apartheid Past" item dropped from Eugene Terrorblanche.
- The Rugby Coach can no longer use a Blink Dagger.
- Increased the Rugby Coach's STR gain per level from 2.5 to 2.6.
- Increased the decaying damage of the Rugby Coach's Yell Flipping Loud! from 25 to 40.
- Increased the damage on Thabo's Fishing Rod and Manto's Magical Knobkerrie to 175 and 275 respectively, and increased its cooldown from 25 to 35 seconds.
- Increased the duration of the slow of the Blade of the Nzimande from 3 to 5 seconds.
- Increased the explosion damage of Hooker Beetles from 300 to 350, and increased the full damage radius to 400 AOE.
- Increased the Technician of Telkom's Firewall Wards to give /-2 armour per level instead of /-1 (doubling it, effectively).
- Increased the mana regeneration bonus of the Chief's Tankard from 2 to 3.
- Increased the damage bonus of Botflies and Botfly Fleshborers from 25 to 30, but decreased their duration by 1.5 seconds.
- Increased the damage of Loadshedder's lightning arc from 100 to 120, and changed the missile art.
- Reduced the invisibility detection of the Hillbrow Tower from a 900 AOE to a 500 AOE.
- Reduced the buff of Sterk Manne to 10% damage per level and 6 armour at all levels.
- Reduced the number of Heli-Cops that spawn for the relevant Police Station when its ANC member is present.
- Reduced the cost of the Ring of Hi-Tek Security, Ring of 'Generations and Sobi Mask to R300 each.
- The Witchdoctor's Impale now stuns for 2 seconds and doesn't increase with level.
- Removed the Racing Stripes Muti for the Monster Energy Drink.
- Reduced the kill notification display time from 7 to 3 seconds.
- Removed the default "(Hero name) has been slain" etc messages.
- Hillbrow Tower no longer causes cellular interference.
- Refined a few triggers.
- Made Ziggurats now slightly transparent.


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