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Earthspawn v0.3b

Map Information
Submitted: archen
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Jan-03-12
File Size: 0kb


You are a creature called an earthspawn, inhabiting the harsh jungles where every organism battles over supremacy.

Your earthspawn occasionally creates lesser creatures called the sunspawns (created in the day) and the moonspawns (created in the night). These creatures have different phases of evolution and must consume spores to evolve. Sunspawns consume morning spores (green glowing orbs that wander in the jungle) and moonspawns consume night spores (blue glowing stationary orbs).

Create an army of highly evolved creatures to dominate the battlefield and defeat your enemy. To claim victory, you must defeat all opposing earthspawns.


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By archen on Jan-03-12

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