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Chicken Run

Map Information
Submitted: Nobody
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Feb-13-12
File Size: 1407kb

Chicken Run:
You land in a maze where you have to fight creeps and human players until you escape. Battle your enemy with your mighty hero Peter and an army of minions that you hatch from your chicken.

When out of the maze gather from bunnies and rip bark of trees. There are a limited amount of bunny mines where the bunnies come from.

Kill all your enemy's chickens to win. Though if you die there is an afterlife and an extra chance to get back into the game.

There are 4 demonic items in the game. If your hero collects all 4 demonic items he transforms into a more powerful creature.

Though these items are hidden it is equally as hard passing the trials to getting them. Time may be spent more wisely fighting off the oncoming tide of militia or escaping away after near defeat from enemy players.

There are many secrets and various endings some of which are events where no human player will be victorious.

At about 30min intervals throughout the game increasing to 15min intervals all chickens are pinged on the map to help speed the game along.

Some time in the future or if i get enough demand for a bug fixing session / other improvements I will be releasing other versions.

Good luck have fun.


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By Nobody on Feb-20-12

This is the old version that does not have a preview and the spiders are messed up. Please download map from the following link. Thank you.

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