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War of the Ents! 2.11

Map Information
Submitted: Halo_king116
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Aug-01-12
File Size: 623kb

(Updated version 2.11)

- Intro -

War of the Ents is a multiplayer strategy game of war. Every player starts by trying to find the ideal place to make a base among the trees. This is a game of war. Last man standing rules apply, but it is a lot easier said than done... War is not won by the size of your army, but the strategy put into your attack plans, and how your forces march.

The trees are your friends, they are your foes. They are your defences, and they are your weak points. The game revolves around using strategy with what you got to achieve victory.

"Rise, young one. And take back the land that was once yours!"

- Version 2.11 -


"One day this will be big".

"This is addicting, and it's not even out of beta!"

"Kick Ass!"

"A uniquely crafted experience that combines old school melee, wit, and pure destruction into one map."

"A nice forest map mixing the classic gameplay of TreeTagWars with a set of new units, abilities, and terrain."

"A reason to play Warcraft 3 again!"

"I <3 WotE"

"Fun fun! :D"

"WotE > DotA"

"War of the Ents is a fun, flexible map. I give it 2 thumbs up!"

"Five Thumbs up! Great game, excellent concept, amazingly fun!"
KnightsOfTables (Knights)

"I give it a 10/10! I give it 2 Hairy Orc Thumbs Up!"

""A beautifully designed war-based game..It doesn't get any better than this. Two thumbs up."

- Version information -

War of the Ents! 2.11 is the new, updated version that has been revised slightly after a few years of no updates, with a focus on polish.


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