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Sheep Tag Planeswalkers 1.0

Map Information
Submitted: bugi_bi
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Jul-10-06
File Size: 251kb

-4 planes to travel(fire,earth,storm and unknown)
-sheeps gain elemental exp by spending time in plane(if you are in unknown plane you gain all three elemental expiriences but lesser value):

* Earth power (gives armor upgrade to all buildings)
* Fire Power (gives faster movement speed)
* Storm Power (gives mana regeneration)

-all the stuff from sheep tag just rebalanced
-you gain 1 lumber every 3 minutes but you can produce your own extra lumber
-stun tower cost 1 lumber(but if tower dies you gain 1 lumber back)
-to rescue spriti sheep, owner of spirit sheep must pay 1 lumber
-game modes:

* play 15,25,or 45 minute game
* Double Exp Mode (sheeps and wolfs gain double exp)
* No Planeswalking (figure this yourself)


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