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Vampirism Midnight Remix 1.8b

Map Information
Submitted: error0024
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Aug-21-06
File Size: 652kb

Vampirism Midnight 1.8b
Map Name : Vampirism Midnight Remix
================================================== ===============================
Version : 1.8b
Web Download :

- Fixed the bounty bug in v1.8
- Added a new item for vampire when start (ankh of reincarnation)
- Added gold mine for humans
- Multiboard Things fixed
- 2 Towers are in the base of vampire it guards you from getting to the gold mine
- All towers costs has been reduced for 50 / 75 % depends
- New towers Lightning tower , Large Long Tower
- Now Multiboard has added (leave) and also (vampire)
- Removed the cinematic on creating a vampire ... made quicker
- Vampire's Area is larger
- Many Bugs Fixed
- All skills from the creeps in training ground are removed
- Necromancer's Upgrade book has been increased by 2times
- Necromancer's Spell (raise dead) skeleton's stats has been reduced
- Balanced Many Things
- More To Come Have Fun!
- night and day is back!

Any Bugs Report @

Special Thanks To Andoy For Suggestion,Items,And also icons ! and skills
================================================== ===============================


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