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Abyssium v.37

Map Information
Submitted: Demonfaze
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Oct-02-06
File Size: 588kb

Abyssium is a melee-like game, with many twists and gameplay features.

- Spread out & build a town center. From there, your base begins...
- In most modes, you use -ally, -unally, and -truce commands to set your alliances. Allying people is needed to win, but backstabbing your friends is as well.

Game Modes
- There are five different game modes:
>> Normal
>> Conquest
>> Coin Spawn
>> Free For All (FFA)
>> Onslaught
>> High Income
>> Wonder

- Well-balanced units and buildings, suited for all game modes.
- Tons of custom units, all unique in their own way.
- An epic terrain of various environments (Not realistic, but it's Warcraft, not real life), each with their strengths and weaknesses

- You need to utilize all types of things to win! (a good defense, siege, and units)
- The more people the better! Fewer players works just as well, however I personally enjoy playing with the most amount of people. (more action).

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By Daxtreme on Jun-28-07

Great map man, keep it up!

By WithoutD on Aug-29-06

Awesome Game, keep up the GREAT work. Looking foward for newer versions!

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