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Cannon Commanders v.0.97

Map Information
Submitted: Mini-Me
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Sep-20-06
File Size: 817kb

Take control of a cannon with great firepower. Destroy the enemies who try to disable the shield protecting your country. Customize your cannon by buying new weapons with massive firepower and crush the intruders!

This is a 4 man team game where each player controls a turret. The goal is to protect 4 generators which the enemy will try to destroy. It features:

-10 different cool weapons. Enemy getting the better of you? Load up the A-Bomb cannon and show the enemies what you are made of! Weapons range from a normal cannon to the A-Bomb.
-Addon to the turret
-20 waves of enemies
-5 boss levels. There are 5 puzzle bosses, the bosses only get better at higher levels, try to make it to the end to see them all!
-A bonus level
-10 randomly spawned powerups! Each with different effects, from a simple gold gain to desctructive spells to a milkable kodo

Comments/suggestions/feedback are welcome. Also report any bugs you might find.

-New greatly improvet gameplay. No more can you accidentally click on the enemy (or anything else).
-New shooting system, you can now shoot with using your Right-Click on your mouse
-New repair researche. Your turret can now repair the generators after the upgrade has been researched.
-More balance


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Mini-Me on Sep-11-06

I have made a thread about the map in the members projects forum. Please direct your comments there:

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