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Corner Bar TD - 1.4a

Map Information
Submitted: Jay_Dubbs
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Nov-03-06
File Size: 723kb

You must work as a team, as well as hold your own in your initial area. Over 50 Different drink towers available, each with many upgrades. Mazing is important in the dance floor area and will be necessary to win. Bonus levels to stop the underage drinkers will give you extra wood if stopped, but deduct tips from every bartender if they are not. Random drunks enter your bar. Thanks for trying my map and enjoy.
1.4a - Fixed bug with Player 6(Orange) only getting 1 bonus minor.
1.4 - Reworked some tower ranges. Reworked drunk hp's in lvls 10-30 to make it more challenging. Added random sound bytes. (map is larger though) Added more random events. Removed tower bonus. Limited number of towers to 100.
1.3b Fixed major error in 1.3a with pathing. Fixed difficulty of first 5 levels to make it easier.
1.3a updates:
Removed all Beer and Wine Towers.
Reduced the cost of all upgraded Liquor Towers.
Added random event - Spy Mode.
Changed terrain on the Dance Floor.
Increased HP's of the Bonus Levels.
Fixed Player leaving event.
1.2 updates:
Reworked tooltips to help players. Reworked hotkeys. Added 3 random game events. Removed 1 beer and wine tower.
1.1 updates:
Fixed Lumber problem with bonus levels, fixed Wine Tower 3.0, removed interest rate, fixed(hopefully) pathing in the middle. Reworked Drunk's HP's, and other minor fixes.


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By Drakhaoul on Nov-13-08

Great td. good so see some fresh ideas with the drinks mixes & the sound clips are just awesome. one major bug tho, why 2 spawn points & why such an elaborate path maze if the buidling just degenerates to the dance floor. the mazing for elemnt td is a good example of double layered towers getting a 2nd pot cot@ the creeps. would like to see an 10 palyer version of this& mebe soome newb blances ( such as not building iht the other persons path maze like me -_-)

By hellmonja27 on Oct-27-06

nice! glad to see you're still working on this...

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