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The Fellowship of the Ring (Demo)

Map Information
Submitted: SidheKnight
Map Genre:Cinematic
Last Update:Sep-30-06
File Size: 2955kb

Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring. From the films to Warcraft! Frodo Baggins has set on a journey to destroy the One Ring, aided by the Fellowship of the Ring, but will he succeed?
This is an epic story, with Elves, Dwarves, Wizards, etc.

-This map is only the "intro" cinematic.

I'll submit the full campaign soon.


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By Wow_Master on Sep-11-08

Hello there!

A very nice map with super models. Maybe you could continue with the story?


By ayumilove on Feb-02-07

here are the comments

1. usage of custom background music
2. usage of custom picture when cinematic is playing.

1. terrain doesn't look good, too plain
2. building size isn't realistic
3. how come a house has a torch, doesnt make sense (-.-o)
4. some of the talking is way too fast
5. the rifleman who was talking is not seen
6. where is the guard tower where the rifleman stays?
7. the paladin got hurt in the river, why he didnt fall.
8. the sudden abrupt of music is not good
9. the background music is too soft o.O"
10. lack of camera panning.

overall rating 2/10

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