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Eternal Demise TD v.24

Map Information
Submitted: Knights
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Oct-08-06
File Size: 506kb

Eternal Demise TD v.24
This TD is not just the ordinary TD. It is quite unique, as instead of automatically being able to build towers, you must gather items, and combine them INTO towers. The way this works, is there is a separate part of the map. In this part of the map, you have a gatherer. This gatherer is a hero, and it can gather items, and combine them into things. There is a full recipie list below:

Wood x 6 = Tree
Water x 6 = Ice
Rock + Flint = Arrowhead
Arrowhead + Wood = Arrow
Rock + Wood = Taser
Water + Poison = Poisoned Water
Poisoned Water + Shrub = Poisoned Shrub
Tower Recipies:
Flint + Wood = Simple Arrow Tower
Rock + Wood + Gunpowder = Cannon Tower
Tree + Rock = Burrow Tower
Ice + Tree = Ice Tower
Arrow + Wood = Arrow Tower
Shrub + Wood = Roost Tower
Magic Ball + Wood = Magic Tower
Tree + Rock = Burrow Tower
Poisoned Shrub + Wood = Corrupted Fountain
Shrub + Wood + Rock = Flying Tower
Tree + Rock + Magicball + Poison + Arrow + Fire = Arcane Tower
Taser + Wood = Electric Shocker
Tree + Rock + Shrub + Poison = Protector Tower
Taser + Tree + Poison + Magicball + Shrub + Arrow = Photon Cannon
Fire + Arrow + Wood = Fire Tower
Rock + Tree + Gunpowder = Catapult Tower
Water + Wood = Water Tower
Rock + Flint + Shrub = Spirit Tower
Taser + Magicball = Energetic Tower
Tree x 6 = Tree Tower
Iron + Taser + Wood = Machine Gun Tower
Titanium + Flint + Tree = Nuclear Silo
Steel + Magicball = Metal Box
Limestone + Shrub + Wood = Limestone Fountain
Lead + Tree = Lead Tower
Aluminum + Tree = Shrine of Death
Lithium + Shrub + Tree = Metal Tower
Iron + Tree + Arrow + Taser = Tower of Hope
Fire + Tree = Fire Trap
Rock + Tree + Taser = Rock Trap
Water + Tree = Ice Trap
Magicball + Tree + Rock = Magic Trap
Fire + Tree + Lithium = Thunder Trap

Now, about 5 of the items come later in the game, and this enables the use of better towers earlier in the game. The storyline is as below:

The town lay queit, poised upon war,
It sent out waves upon waves on the shore,
The enemy marching, the coming defeat,
The warriors charging, about to meet.
For a victory of riches and glory,
The battle was short and gorey,
The warriors lay dead, evil marched on,
The town had no hope of victory,
The townspeople waited, hoped for the best,
The first legion came, finally at rest,
With armor so bright,
Swords so sharp,
And so evil a blight.
They obliterated the city,
Drove people from homes,
Set things on fire,
As the dark lord's drones,
Dawn came to the city,
And the sun saw the plight,
It sent a great warrior,
The Great Holy Light,
The paladin came,
Armored in light,
Full of power,
From the sun's light,
He and the lord,
Met one dark night,
And had a feirce battle,
The Lord of Dark and Light,
They clashed and warred,
All through the night,
And on dawn's great rise,
The dark lord fell,
Peirced by the great light,
The light lord fell,
Dead by the dark blade,
The battle was over,
The humans had won,
But the undead were not crushed,
The enemy marching, the coming defeat,
Victory is turly on the brink.
(Story by: Lunarios)

Another very unique thing about this game, is the gatherer will level up, at level 5 will gain "alchemy" and at level 8 gain "Advanced Alchemy". These upgrades enable the transformation of rocks into metals. The alchemy is uncontrollable, and will create a random metal. Advanced alchemy simply adds more possible metals.

The final interesting thing about this game, is that every single tower is a hero, and it will level up, gain attributes, and gain spells. When you create a tower, you will choose from 1 of 2 classes. Once you choose a class, you gain a spellbook, and a spell. You gain new spells at level 2, level 4, and level 6, to get a total of 4 spells. Also, when the tower levels up, the attributes increase damage.

Overall, I hope this breathes fresh TD air into your lungs, because I'm sure the normal TDs may be getting a small amount boring.

-Only 1 ability per tower.
-Fixed the 6 item towers to make them possible to build.
-Added notifiers, to notify many things, plus sounds to aide them.
-Added many Abilities.



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