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Turret Shooter v3

Map Information
Submitted: Rinpun
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Dec-07-06
File Size: 694kb

First of all, to stress from last time, clicking on a unit tells the tower to attack it. The tower does a set amount of damage over time and attacks quickly and efficiently enough that you have to time attacks to slay everyone in each direction.

Like last time, there are four views. Changing them with arrow keys sets the camera to a view, so you won't run into any issues like the last version, where holding down arrow keys would seriously screw up the camera settings. Press the left key to look to the west, press the top key to look towards the ocean, etc.

There is now a multiboard that keeps track of simple data and, most importantly, a clock. The goal of Turret Shooter is to survive as long as possible, not survive until thirty minutes are up or whatever. Thus, the map is meant to get consistently harder, which happens faster if you choose a higher difficulty. Either way, this means instead of working to get the most kills you survived for ten minutes, instead of their eight.

A power-up menu has been added (use the 'esc'/'escape' key to access it). I have not added documentation within game that explains what each does, so I suppose I'll do so here, since I'm not going to document this map anywhere else.

Fire Trail ~~ Three uses to send a blazing blast of flame in the direction you're looking at, killing anything in its way, even flying units. I suggest you use it only on the North side really, as that side heads straight on towards you and is loaded with units. South does too, but it's only cruise missiles, so you'd be wasting it. West and East have slanted routes through a thick area, and the wave will only strike a path towards where they appear in the first place, so your waves will miss the troops most of the time and the tanks about half the time, depending on where they are.

Apply Turret Grease ~~ Three uses to speed up your engine attack. Very useful if you're suddenly overloaded with tanks on the east side. Makes the turret attack 100% faster, so killing units becomes instantaneous as if you were targeting troops (which means it's completely useless for attacking west side).

Call Air Strike ~~ Three uses to unleash destruction on all ground units. All troops and tanks die instantaneously in a somewhat flashy explosion. Booyah! But, beware, north and south waves aren't affected at all, so I'd suggest you only use this if the west and east sides are starting to get crowded.

Feel free to comment if you run into issues of any kind. I might have to rebalance and add new ability features in order to fair out the game a bit, but as far as I'm concerned, easy is easy and insane is, indeed, insane. Like the last version, you are also in control of the lives you pick, so people who want the thrill of really long game of exploding things can pick 500 lives Insane. Some 15-20 units total are spawned every 20 seconds, so you won't die, even if you can't kill a single unit, for at least 7-8 minutes or so. I suggest, if you want a challenge (and entertainment), pick fifty lives on hard or insane.

No matter the unit type, they all take one life away, so you want to kill the most numerous ones first. Basically, the troops and the helicopters should be your number one priority. Be warned though, if you don't kill the boats before they pass the glowing blue area in front of your ocean view, they'll unload two troops a piece on the land. The troops are unloaded too close to your turret, so you can't attack them. You can, however, use Fire Trail or Air Strike as a last resort.

Oh, and like last version, if you lose, you can play again over and over. No need to ask your game to reload the map for you; it cleans itself up and starts over within seconds if you tell it to play again.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Rinpun on Dec-07-06

I thought I mentioned in-game that you access it with the 'esc' key. Like, as if you were going to exit a cinematic, that's the key to open it.

By mase on Nov-29-06

Very Nice Man. Lol, I haven't figured out how to get the menu up though :) But I like the style of it.

By Rinpun on Nov-28-06

Echo? What do you mean the echo? If you're referring to the soundtrack, I ported that off some videogame music site (I don't remember what videogame it's from, but it's an old one I know) and messed with the encoding to make it smaller and more compact.

By Tinki3 on Nov-24-06

It was pretty fun (didn't like the echo though). My hand got sore after a few waves so I didn't continue playing after that. But, as I mentioned before, it is fun :)

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