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Under Siege v1.0

Map Information
Submitted: 1337D00D
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Jan-09-07
File Size: 194kb

(Yes, I know the preview image sucks but it'll have to do until I can find someone who knows how to draw....)

Story: Two towns are fighting over precious farmland. Because the towns are both very poor, they had to train most of the town's population into amateur warriors. Each one of them that falls will diminish the population.

This map is 5 against 5 (Cannot be played singleplayer.) The object of the game is to kill all the Warriors on the opposite team, while being careful not to lose your own. Each player only has 20 Warriors, and can never get any more.

Now if that was all there was to it, the map would be pretty boring. There's a few twists to this map.

---The Jail---
Each time you kill an enemy Warrior, it gets sent to your team's jail. The jail is located outside the walls of your town. Be sure to guard the jail, because the enemy can break into it, and the enemy players will get their Warriors back. (Hired mercenaries will not go to the Jail, they just die.)

---The Bank---
Each fallen Warrior will also yield gold. The gold will be deposited into your team's bank, which is located within your town. Now here's the fun part: You can break into the enemy bank and steal all the money! It will be distributed equally amongst your teammates.

There are three towers scattered throughout the wilderness. These towers are called Outposts. Your team can capture and control these Outposts to gain benefits. They will heal nearby friendly units and sell mercenaries and items.

MONEY! Every 60 seconds, you will receive some. You will get 10 gold for every Outpost your team controls, along with a bonus for the amount of gold in the team Bank.

---Team Leaders---
Player 1 is the leader for Team 1, and Player 6 is the leader for Team 2. Leaders have the power to initiate kick votes, and are first in command.

Spread on bnet!
Good luck, and have fun!



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By Thanatos_820 on Jan-10-07

This looks like a fun game...

By 1337D00D on Jan-09-07

Wow no comments?

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