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Aeon of Dominion v1.08b

Map Information
Submitted: emjlr3
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Apr-10-07
File Size: 367kb
Rating:4.0 / 5

An AOS/Defense/Arena style map, encompassing all three styles with flare, and bringing the best of all words into this epic battle between good and evil.

*11 Unique JASS enhanced heroes
*New and unique items, many with custom JASS enhanced abilities
*Upgradeable creep abilities and towers
*Lush, living terrain
*Sleak multiboard
*Brand new hero stat and ability leveling system
*Brand new stoic ultimate gain system
*Many different ways to play and win
*Custom weather effects and events

Enjoy and comment please.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Whiteboy on Dec-18-08

Cool game. I have a request though, if you are feeling up to it, please make a map with hero abilities similar to Tiny's (from dota) Grow! ability, Kunkka's (also from dota) Torrent ability and Darkterror's (again from dota) Chronosphere ability in GUI, if you have what it takes?

By emjlr3 on Oct-25-07

if you want to cheese your way through the game, I guess then yes

perhaps I will release an update that fixes that abuse

By Zenfarg on Oct-24-07

Wow emjlr3 Robot goblin is a litle imba: with ulti you can stand near the fountain & fast level up your abilities=)

By emjlr3 on Aug-26-07

hehe, id take on your mage mid-late any day with any of the str or agi heroes. or go ahead and try to level your mages hp around my str hero, and see what happens

you see tiny and boring, I see quick and entertaining....

you need more terrain, and I see only more boring with that thought

more of a real map? in what way is it a fake map, of sorts?

I say try it again, play with some decent players, and try other heroes

By FireWarrior on Aug-22-07

The mage is incredibly overpowered. In fact, all ranged heroes are. They can level their Agility and Intelligence with much impunity, and they can level their Strength with only moderate difficulty.

Also, this map is tiny, boring, and unimaginative. Needs more terrain and full 5v5 AoS capabilities.

All in all, make it more of a real map, and fix the imbalances.

By darkrae on Jun-27-07

1 hour of playing it and already I say that your map has too many way of trigger abusing.
-use your abilities from your fountain to quick level and int growth
-hurt yourself then recover in the fountain

By SerraAvenger on Apr-26-07

By pheonixashes on Apr-25-07

Wow! This is really refreshing, compared to the onslaught of DotA ripoffs lately.

Basically, there are no levels. You level up your abilities by using them multiple times, and gain stats by:
-Strength by taking damage.
-Agility by attacking.
-Intelligence by casting spells.

You gain your ultimate by taking a lot of damage, which is only available until you actually cast it.

Anyway, nice triggering, elmjr3, and above-average terraining, Rinpun, though the terraining could be a bit more diverse ^_^.

Other than that, since its still newly released, it doesn't have much heroes, but the heroes that are out are pretty cool.

Good job, elmjr3 and Rinpun.

There is only one lane, while the rest of the map is creeps.

By n[u]ll on Apr-15-07

I don't have time to plat it atm but i'm sure its pwnage ^_^ and i cant wait to play it, gj

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