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Samurai Legends 0.9 (6v6)

Map Information
Submitted: nooK
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Feb-03-07
File Size: 2558kb

- 8 unique & fully balanced heroes: Ronin, Ninja, Warlord, Yari Samurai, Shinobi, Yumi Samurai, No-Dachi Samurai & the Onmyoji
- 6vs6 feature, allowing exciting team battles
- Assistance system on herokills
- Completely new theme which has nothing to do with WarCraft III
- High quality custom graphics providing an beautiful atmosphere
- Hire different kinds of mercenaries to fulfill your task
- Summon one of the fallen legends to support your troops
- Build shrines (extra units, teleportation, shop & higher gold income)
- Cleaned up leaks to prevent lags and optimize performance
- If a player leaves team gets control and higher gold income
- Two secret shops where you can combine items
- Multiboard at the end of the game which displays your stats and rank

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