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Footmen Frenzy XV 4.84

Map Information
Submitted: ShadowDestro
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Sep-22-09
File Size: 1026kb

Footmen Frenzy XV is one of the few excellent spin-offs of HatoUP's Footmen Frenzy. Not only is it balanced, but it has tons of new features.

These features include:
- Over 30 new balanced heroes
--- New abilities
--- New models
- A few new items
- Computer AI
- Improved player leaving system
- Improved anti-backstab system
- Clean layout
- A Custom Rule maker- Red may choose the following options
--- Standard Pick, All Random
--- Original Heroes only, No Super Heroes, All Heroes
--- Trading Permitted/Banned
- Some basic core changes relating to healing, magic resistance, and pricing
- Very fast load time
- Camera Settings

By: ShadowDestroyer
Original Footmen Frenzy By: HatoUP/NoHunters
E-mail: [email protected]


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By 1337D00D on Apr-14-07

Lol, I posted a comment before you uploaded your map.
It's a cool map though!

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