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Map Information
Submitted: Elmekior
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Apr-25-07
File Size: 4002kb

This map is a ORPG. It actually would take all it's potential with a player assuming the role of Storyteller. It is not self suffiecient. It is a real RPG. But still it can be played with no storyteller as a face off. This is not intended to be single player game.

It is based on the pen and paper fantasy world imagined by White Wolf. It is an adaptation of the World of Darkness vampire game, with a bit of Werewolf Apocalypse and Hunter the Reckoning.

Many effects, commands and actions have been included for the use of the Storyteller. (Don't forget to always remove weater effects not to lag or create slow downs.)

Singleplayer test went fine. I have no clue of the multiplayer reaction. I have a special concern on alliances has they are made in game.

I suggest testing this map with some friends as it is big and it takes cooperation if you choose to have a storyteller. (Description of what is a storyteller and is role in quest menu).

Oh by the way the map maker Elmekior = Melshisedek1 = me

All credits have been given. Althought I can't remember were I got that Goth Girl skin. Please post author name if you know of him/her.

In upcoming version these changes will progressivily be done:

1- Respawn areas
***2- I was reported a disconnection bug with the -clone option. Can someone please confirm it. I suspect -move and -remove command to also cause disconnection.*** (Maybe it is just my internet line that is unstable)


Note: Only main heros revive. After their two lifes are gone, they are revivable for a fee at the lobo in the sewers or the NPC in base (if you have one).


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Elmekior on Apr-24-07

I suspect the following commands to cause disconnection (also my actual line really sucks, so I would not be certain):


Can someone please check that out because no one is going to play the map if it keeps on disconnecting.

I will sadly remove those command has soon has someone can confirm my suspicions, because I have no friends available to test that out.

Thank You

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