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BattleGround Generals v2

Map Information
Submitted: 13lade619
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Apr-23-07
File Size: 908kb

6 new heroes

added Attribute Bonus +30 on all the heroes

spawns stop when you destroy the barracks

balanced ASpd and MoveSpd bonus per Agi point

creep gold refund system

new game command:

>Take Control (-tc)

>>picks every allied creep around your hero and allows you take control (command) them. transfers ownership to you. permanently. can be used at any instance in the game.

>>if used properly, you can coordinate your units better and yuo can build yourself a 'private army' that you can use to back-up you when pushing. strategic command.
new items

creep kills are displayed on the multiboard. creep kill SFX

ai hero’s last stand

*view the changelog for more details.

The Team:
13lade619 : The Source
waaaks! : Helping Hand
Chups : Hero Manager
Thanatos_820 ; Cheddar ; Fatmankev ; phoenixashes : Hero Storyline Writers

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