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Final Fantasy Hero Defense

Map Information
Submitted: Outbreak191
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Jun-19-07
File Size: 671kb

You probably won't remember, but I made a Final Fantasy Hero Defense a while ago, but I lost the editable version. So I decided to remake from scratch with new features and voila this is the result.

- 31 waves of enemies including 6 bosses
- Final Fantasy VIII bos music
-'s inventory system
- A trial summoning system
- An Ability Grid for learning abilities, similar to sphere grid from FFX and License Board in FFXII
- Much much more, you'll have to play and see!


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By Askis on Apr-10-08

I know this is kinda old, but I'd love to this finished :)
Has great potential, although it needs some things, more classes and summons for example ;)

By [AC] on Jun-27-07

At first i thought it was gonna be some cheesy map disgracing the name of Final Fantasy but after testing it out, it's pretty nifty! Will be playing this with my friends soon! Good job!

By Jolly chap* on Jun-25-07

Looks cool. Can't wait to try.

BTW, how did you edit the Final Fantasy picture to put in "HD" in it? I'm wondering how you do that...

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