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Rune TD rev6

Map Information
Submitted: undrawing
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Nov-11-07
File Size: 409kb

Defense style map for up to 6 players. Use your Rune Gateway to summon runes, create your own maze, and spell powerful runewords for defense.
(expansion of Undrawing's Rune TD)

- Creep regen now done by triggers
- Prevent Monster Heal works differently
- Holy Thunder revamped, takes less hits to reach max armour reduction
- Fortitude Frost Shell now Frozen Orb, does damage
- Fury spell now works slightly differently
- Initial Difficulty Select dialog timeout is now longer
- 'Runner' now invisible as intended.
- Fixed end-game

rev 1 - 5 summary
- cleaning up potentially fatal triggers and abilities
- making Rune TD more difficult for longevity

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By undrawing on Jan-02-08

Hi, so the unprotected version is now available.

If anyone wants to find the cause of the multiplayer fatals, be my guest. Or use it for your own purposes. Learn a bit, take a bit, add a bit. Give it an original name and release it!

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