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Fortress December v1.15B

Map Information
Submitted: Jaggy
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Sep-18-07
File Size: 3566kb

As first snow fallen over Lordaeron in early winter, King Gerdred the Bright has taken his hosts and his chief Praetorian, Kelon Sunstalker, to a remote border outpost, the Fortress December, with orders to prepare everything to defend the fortress against a siege. While setting up defenses, Kelon continues to wonder about King's intentions and the urge to take his best warriors to such a quiet place. He does not yet know that Demon Zenedar, the King's old nightmare, has returned to claim his rightful treasure - the King's life...

Quick featurelist
• Play Fortress Defense with an objective to defend a special unit, King Gerdred. He is far not defenseless, but can be killed, especially by heroic waves.
• Command 2 of 12 available heroes, one primary, one secondary (that requires a quite difficult task to be accomplished).
• Command 33 unit types (not including summoned units) in 3 defferent categories, Fighters, Rangers and Casters, with new units becoming available once each 5 waves.
• Use more than 50 different items of which 14 are special commendations for notable deeds in combat. Also give items to your favorite units to make them more powerful than others of their kind.
• Buy books and reusable scrolls to fill free slots of your hero’s UI with auxiliary abilities to make them more flexible.
• Research rank-ups for your units to unlock additional abilities and enhance their statistics, and make them even better by upgrading their armor and weapons.
• Destroy towers that your enemies erected to support their spellcasting abilities and wipe out their leaders that bless them with auras to weaken them.
• Endure grand total of 50 waves of attackers and ultimately face the big demon boss to see if you can help the King survive the fight of his life.
• Collect rewards for outbuffed clones of your own heroes that attackers send upon you once every 10 waves.
• Use careful micro to save your heroes from early destruction and let them develop into powerful champions to be able to endure and survive the final battle.

Added a new primary hero, removed lots of position-based leaks, made researches cheaper.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Jaggy on Aug-16-07

Immolation is because of an item he has. Doesn't anyone have anything relevant to say? Oh, I must have forgotten to mention that this map is still a beta, and is incomplete. I would like to get some feedback on existing stuff.

By elmstfreddie on Aug-16-07

I don't like the picture... Paladin with immolation? Lame :P

By Mizuio-Ken on Aug-16-07

>By WindexGlow on Aug-16-07
>>For a map that took 5 years to make, it's sure crappy.

Harsh, I can't look at the map but the storyline seems nice

By Jaggy on Aug-16-07

Thanks for the feedback. I would also really appreciate concrete suggestions.

By Xapphire on Aug-16-07

Wow thats sure nice to say.. The map is pretty fun, and I want to see you do better...

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