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BattleGround Generals v3

Map Information
Submitted: 13lade619
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Nov-02-07
File Size: 1402kb

BattleGround Generals v3
-Heroes Arise-

Finally, after months of brainstorming, triggering and mapmaking madness.

The newest version of my map is here.

Expect a new gameplay experience, far from that of v1 or even v2.

Many aspects of the map have been overhauled for balancing and over-all fun factor.

Almost all heroes were redesigned.

General Changes:
>Fixed some MAJOR bugs and Imbalances.
>6 New Heroes
>Re-balanced all the heroes (almost everyone has new stats)
>Background music for a more “epic” feel
>Weather effects
>Re-Terraining by me (the river) and pheonixashes (general)
>Tougher central lane.
>New final spawning system
>Reduced general attack ranges.
>no more –tc, buy units from the spawning barracks.
>new counter-attack of the AI.
>game interface changes.

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By Chewbalka on Nov-07-07

Very great but the problem i found is that theres no limit to amount of units to spawn soon as you put to much withint 30 mins half of the map could be coverd with units moving like 1 block a minute...
one block as in one step.

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