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History of DotA

Map Information
Submitted: scyap
Map Genre:Cinematic
Last Update:Dec-12-07
File Size: 196kb

i didnt update cuz i forgot i had uploaded to this website and its really outdated
here, i post v0.5, many bugs fixed


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By uberfoop on Dec-16-07

What's with people saying DotA was based off of AoS? Have you people ever even played AoS?

AoS was merely the first notable map of the genre, hence the genre name. Saying that DotA is based off of AoS is like saying that Halo was based off of Doom.

By darkRae on Dec-07-07

Lina didn't learn Laguna Blade.
She 'invented' it herself. She found a book/bible (forgot) and she created the spell by fusing a holy sword with some magic incantations thingy.

By Psiblade94122 on Dec-03-07

well Dota (the original) was based off of AoS, Dota later branced into Allstars (and some others, but they died )

By The_Kingpin on Dec-01-07

Bad artists copy. Great artists steal.

I find it funny that the great DotA: Allstars was based off of another map. '

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