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Hero Smash Ver TWO

Map Information
Submitted: MasterOfABCs
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Jul-29-05
File Size: 3326kb


1). Choose your hero
2). Become stronger by killing monsters and oppenets!
3). You get 500 gold every 50 secs.
4). Buy items they're important
5). Kick ass during Smash Time (every 10 mins)
6). Defeat you oppenets!
7). Red has kick function (-kick (color of player here))
8). Have fun!!!


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By SD_Ryoko on Jul-22-05

On second note, it wouldn't hurt to wip up a flashy preview screen; something logo-like that looks cool. Could help with popularity.

Happy Mapping :)

By SD_Ryoko on Jul-22-05

Although drowning pool rocks, you may consider taking that out of your map. It is really killing the size of the map, making it hard to play and share online. I feel thats important.

Secondly, you shouldn't really 'advertise' the song is in there; a technicality of copyright laws. :)

What you could do, is use something like DBPower Amp to convert it to 64 kbs, drastically reducing size.

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