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Capture the Flag: Multi-Mode

Map Information
Submitted: husky_003
Map Genre:Arena/CTF
Last Update:Jul-22-05
File Size: 166kb



Soldier - Basic All rounder.

Medic - Healer.

Demolitions - Great close combat unit.

Sniper - Great long range unit.

Scout - Good for finding enemies, becuase of his speed.


Normal Capture the Flag - Normal CTF rules apply here, bring the enemies flag back to your own.

Multi Flag CTF - Same rules as Normal CTF except that each team has 3 flags each. Good if you want a quick game.

Free for All CTF - 1 Flag, Up to 12 Players, complete chaos. Your lone wolf on this one, find the flag, and bring it to the Centre of the Map.


The map has a Vietnam setting, Dense jungle, rain, and small swamps. Shouldn't be too hard to


If you pick up your own flag, you are instantly killed.

When you pick up the enemies flag your movement speed is decreased.


I'll leave it at that, so get out there and capture some flags!

Good luck and have fun,

Map created by - Husky_003
Trigger Fixes by - R15I23D05D14

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By Alethasis on Nov-12-08

I've added a lot of progressive changes to the map. Reconstructed the sniper class and medic class (making them more suited to their class). Added Mage class. Added a 4th ability to the classes (and a 5th to medic, it inherently having only 2).

Sniper: 1 rank of Shadowmeld

Demolitions: 1 rank of Proximity Mines (can have 3 in play at a time), removed War Stomp and gave Spiked Carapace, increased reflected damage.

Soldier: Removed Mana Burn; added 1 rank of Endurance Aura, and 3 ranks of Critical Strikes

Medic: Gave Rejuvenation, and Brilliance Aura. Made "Heal" Level 1 ability, and Chain Heal level 8. Adjusted strengths accordingly

Scout: Gave 1 rank of Blink, 10 second cooldown, can't use it while you have flag

Mage: Death Coil, Chain Lightning, Soul Burn, and Voodoo Spirits

Changed character models to have a little more variety. Changed sound affects for those models.

Fixed a lot of typos and mispellings; and small coding syntax errors.

Fixed variable matches in the tooltips for the Armor and Medkits so they properly display their value.

Altered triggers though that players have the option to "Play Again" at the end of a match, instead of being forced to quit and restart the game.

Despite this, I am very new to this editor, and there are a lot of simple things I need to fix, but don't know how, before it's ready to "release". If anyone is familiar, and can spare explaining a few things, and answering a few questions, I'd really appreciate it.

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By R15I23D05D14 on Jul-23-05

I must apologise to both my friend Husky and the mapping community at large. Version 1.0 {release 0.00} had the slow movement removed just before release, due to triggering issues. It will be restored in upcoming versions of this map.

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