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A World Ablaze v.19b

Map Information
Submitted: XXconanXXX
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Aug-02-05
File Size: 1993kb

An AoS inspired by the popular Tides of Blood and Blades & Billiets map, this map was intended as a different way of playing an AoS. Every expansion on the map is capturable by the two teams, and new heroes arrive.

Items aren't all too custom, but are perfect for gameplay and are a must.

Choose your heroes, skill builds, and item builds wisely, as they all take a part in defeating the opposition!


Version v.19b:

Forgot to replace Phoenix Initiate's Brand with Spark. He now has Spark and it works.

-Faust's images now spawn with the same amount of health Faust has.

-Cessationed Figures now do reduced damage to buildings.

-Fixed Prosecutor's Redemption so it no longer takes over heroes and controlled units actually revert back after 20 seconds.

-Based United We Stand on Ressurection instead of Animate Dead...He felt too much like Death Knight

-Fixed Alchemist's Cloner...DON'T USE IT ON ENEMIES

Version v.17b:

-Every hero has gotten a rework with new skills, and new colored unique tooltips

-Sargon Akkadian II, the Son of Lach arrives for version b!

-Many bug fixes that are too numerous to list

-Many, MANY leaks have been fixed.

-Starting stats for all heroes have been reworked and balanced. (No more 900 health Sargon at level 4 ;) )

Version v39a:

Release version.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By XXconanXXX on Aug-04-05

Next version should be around 1.6 megabytes. As big as Tides of Blood N Final.

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