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Point Zero Version 1.3

Map Information
Submitted: Somatic
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Apr-11-08
File Size: 2938kb

Point Zero is a take on the Warcraft3 platform, to change it into a Modern weaponry war theme.

What you will be expecting in this games are :
Upgradeable Structure
The battlefield is constantly evolving, thus you will need to upgrade your structures to fit which playing style of yours.

Power Controlled Scheme
A unique touch i added here is the use of Power.
Your structures require power, and you have to supply it. If you hit maximum power usage, you cant build any more. It invokes you to think how you want to play your structure planning.

Ammunition Control
Attacking units are being restrained by their Energy, which is their ammo. When they run out of it, they will have to reload before attacking again.

Reinforced Units
Reinforced units are units directly under your control, they have several abilities which could aid you in various task. Spy Mission, Search and Destroy, defending a choke point/strong hold/side base. There is just so much that they can assist you with.

Super Weapons
How can there be no Super weapons? A 2 distinguish type of super weapons, each category with 2 types. There are a total of 4 super weapons at your disposal, although each player is limited to 1 super weapon only, try combing with your other team mates super weapon to bring down either maximum damage, or maximum defense.

Large Playing Field
The map is an epic size map, meaning there are many spots to build, and many spots to hide. Its up to the players to decide, how to surprise attack the other team, bringing mayhem and chaos.

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My Thread of this project on TH

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IRC Channel #PointZero
Server : GameSurge

If war can be fight with words, why the hell do we need missiles and bombs for? ~Somatic~


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