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Tomb of Jarahcon

Map Information
Submitted: Xenoche
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Mar-28-08
File Size: 703kb

-8 hero classes, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.
-Fully customized skill point system, integrating, not only strength, agility and intelligence, but 5 more characteristics which enhances your heroes ability strengths.
-10 stages of immensely differing terrain types, from the lush marsh near Nollen pier to the fiery pits of Jarahcons tomb.
-Fully customized item system, introducing common, uncommon, rare and ancient items. Weapon and armor upgrades that actively increases different aspects of your heros, damage, attack speed, critical chance, magic reduction, the list goes on.

Overall an immensely challenging team based rpg that requires players to work together, or die in discord.


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By thewrongvine on Mar-23-08

Agreed. Sick map with realistic and nice terrain!

By BioDiablo on Mar-20-08

I tried it out and it is really good. Nice job.

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