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ns_underground b100 (NS and Starcraft)

Map Information
Submitted: pc31
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Aug-10-05
File Size: 1993kb

This map look like Natural Selection ans starcraft.

You fight with marins or aliens to kill opponant team.

Marins can buy weapons and use vehicles or ships.
Aliens can evolute in stronger unit, and can have ability as :
celerity, carapace, cloacking, regeneration, adrenaline...

The map have custom ground, sounds, and skins.

Aliens can use interesting strategies with using special capacities.
Marins have various weapons and vehicles, can put mine, buy more powerfull tower..

good game ;)


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By ayumilove on Feb-02-07

nice map, you should make a tooltip telling the user that the tanks or jeeps requires a marine to move them, and tell the user what is a volcano looks like. and i dont really get the point where the marine is converted into something else like buying weapons or so. apart from that, the marine has a totally new voice, not many maps have that, thumbs up. but the goblin zepelin need some improvement, such as using a custom model for it as well as using a custom voice for it too. if the carrier lags alot, do something about it when there is lots of players using them.

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