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(Cinematic) Ralin's Story - Introduction

Map Information
Submitted: duderock101
Map Genre:Cinematic
Last Update:May-30-08
File Size: 114kb

Introduction [Scene 1,2 and 3]

It's Ralins childhood. It's just a normal day in the village of Gul'thare, everyones doing what they normaly do until 3 knights arive. They speak to Ralin's father Rolin who is head of the village. They ask him to give out a message to the village. As the knights leave Rolin gathers all the villagers around to discuss what the knights say. The knights asked Rolin to tell the villagers that the alliance has gone off to battle the Orcs in distant lands and that the villages of Lordaeron are wide open for local Orc attacks, so the Alliance need recruits to protect the villagers while the main troops are off fighting. Most of the villagers reject the whole message. Why should they risk their lives but Rolin asks them to sleep on it.

In the morning Rolin gathers 3 of the villagers strongest men and tells them that he dosn't think anyone from Gul'thare should go. The 3 men disagreee and say that they should to defend the village. In the end Ralin decides that his father should go and thats enough for Rolin and the 4 men leave Gul'thare to become recruits in the village of Strongbad.

On the way they decide to pick up horses in the village of Re'lant just 5 miles from Strongbad. On the way the 4 men run into a burning camp, checking to see if anyone survives they are trapped by 4 Orcish Grunts and a Blademaster. The blademaster orders for them to be sacrificed on the spot to try and summon demons. The 4 men die without any hope of surviving. The Blademaster then tries to summon the demons but fails. He orders one of his grunts to find the Blademaster of BlackRock clan to attack Strongbad and sacrifce 3 more people, one of them must be a guard. He also warns that Arthas will be there. The 4 men lost their lives and the Blademaster gained the ability to look into the future.

Go here for the progressing cinematics main thread

The rest of the cinematic will be released here later or cheack on the URL above for updates and estimating times for the next rleased one. If you have any ideas, tips or suggestions then post here

By duderock101


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By Kazuga on Jun-01-08

Ok I watched it now, it's pretty good so far. However you still need to improve the terrain especially in the woods, also make more heigt diffrences since a forest isn't flat^^ Good job though.

By UndeadDragon on May-31-08

Woops, I just seen...

On the outside of this post it says Map Genre: Offence. But in this map's post it says map genre Cinematic... strange...

By UndeadDragon on May-31-08

Just one thing... Why have you put the map genre to Offence? Shouldn't it be Cinematic?

By Andyoyo on May-31-08

Very nice use of cameras terrain fades everything, awesome start to your series

By duderock101 on May-31-08

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