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Geo RPG v1.2

Map Information
Submitted: Coolio
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Jun-06-08
File Size: 956kb

In this map almost everything is written on Georgian language, so don't worry if you don;t understand anything, I'll explain the map here.


1. Miyvana Qalaqshi - You have to go through the gnolls and help Moqalaqe to safely go to the town.
2. Tyviebi - You have to kill Mkvdarta Suli, that is located at the graveyard.
3. Shvili Povna - You have to find Galandra and return her to her mother Tesandra.
4. Trollebi - You have to kill all the trolls at the forest south of the town.
5. Mzveravis Gadarchena - You have to defend Mzveravi, you must not let him to die. (When you take this quests orcs are coming to kill him)
6. Shurisdzieba part 1 - You have to go up to the hill that is located east of the questgiver of the Shurisdzieba, and find out what's going on at the bandit cave.
part 2 - You have to enter the cave and kill Banditebis Bosi, and return to the questgiver (Banditebis Bosi drops a powerful sword and shield)
7. Gnollebi - You have to kill Gnoll overseer that is located west of the questgiver.

I think there is nothing more to be explained.

Thanks for downloading. Enjoy! =)

Sorry for my English


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