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Robo Warz 1.80b

Map Information
Submitted: Cal1991
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Jul-04-08
File Size: 1979kb

Features 55 custom heroes, many of which have triggered abilities. Also has many custom skins and models, although there are so many units it would make the map way too big to make them all custom.
This map has computer AI that plays quite well. Its only weakness are that it does not use heroes very well or rebuild its main.
Although it is practically impossible to totally balance a map like this, especially with very few people working on it, I feel that I have accomplished my goal of making everything have a usable counter, so that it is at least balanced in a rock paper scissors fashion.
You may PM me, email me at [email protected], or whisper me on (Cal1991 @Azeroth) for any questions or comments on this map. Hope you enjoy playing it!


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