How to set Yaw and Pitch for a Unit

Tutorial By rover2341

How to set Yaw and Pitch for a Unit

What this tutorial shows you how to do, is how to change a unit with a model
that has had a tweak done to it,be able to change the yaw and pitch with code.

Note: I currently have Yaw and Pitch. Ill add how to do roll also at some point in the future (1 - 3 weeks).

Note: It Currently Flips the model after 90 degrees and 270 degrees. Making it look werid for my roller coaster project.

What are Yaw, pitch, and roll?





How To set Just Yaw and Pitch
There are 3 steps.

The first step is to setup the model.
The second step is to create a unit, and two variables called "Yaw" and "Pitch".
The third step is to set the yaw and pitch in the code.

Step 1

1. Download Magos' Model Editor here
2. Open the model in Magos
3. Select "Windows -> Node Manager"
4. Right-click the helper (Balloon with an "i" inside) called "Bone_Root" or similar
5. Select "Edit Node"
6. Rename it into "Bone_Head"
7. Save
8. Import into map

Step 2

1.Setup the model type (this is the value that repesents your custom model)
2.Change "Art - Animation - Blend Time (seconds)" to 0 seconds.
3.Create a Unit
4.Create two real variables that have a number that is a degree.

Step 3

1. Set Yaw and Pitch for unit.

The Attached Map is in vJass

grim001 - Found a similar tutorial made by him, Added the 1000000 that fixed it.
KaTTaNa - Did the part that said you cant be 90 for pitch.
Michael Peppers - Step 1
uberfoop - Step 3
Viikuna - Step 1
Rover2341 - Step 2 and put them all together in this thread.

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