Terraining - Forest, Icy River, and Cave

Tutorial By Jindo

This is a tutorial on how to terrain scenes of dungeons, forests and icy wastelands.

Part 1: Starting

All you need to get started is your world editor (expansion).

Part 2: Beginning the Forest


Click that and see what you will be acheiving.

Start off with your map, any size and imediatly cover a part of the map with hills using the raise/lower tools at the bottom of the terrain pallette.

When you have done that, simply add some trees around the place, add quite a lot but dont mass up on them or it will look quite a mess.

Now for the finale of the forest, use the dirt terrain and place a dirt path which winds through the hill.

Now be amazed at your miraculous masterpiece!

TIP: It is always a good idea to put high hills/trees in the background so that it doesn't suddenly turn into sky!


Part 3: A River of Ice


That is a picture of an icy wasteland done with Icecrown Glacier. Need something like this? follow this part.

Use the Depp Water tool and create a fairly large river with going from one side to the other.

Now, add some icy things found in the doodad pallette, look in environment, props and trees/destructibles.

If you like, put crystal shards and floating ice things in the river.

Always have something like bones stuck into the ground, it looks effective.

Now, you've basically finished that, add some critters if you feel like it.

TIP: Critters can make a BIG change to the map, i have penguins floating in the river, partly 'cos it looks funny, but it is VERY effective.


Part 4: A Cave


Click that and see what a cave would look good as.


Basically you may use either Dungeon or Outland tilesets, i prefer dungeon 'cos it looks for dungeon-like.

Anyway, that's all you need for terrain now go straight to the doodad pallette and add things like stalectmites and craters. It is always a good-idea to add Fire (found in Cinematic) to the craters, it makes them look for dangerous.

Now, add dust also found in cinematic, it looks like some of the ceiling is falling down which is the kind of thing you would expect in a cave.

Now you've finished! Congratulations!

TIP: (as once suggested by Alexander in TLS thread) Caves look like caves more when you add the Underground Dome in.

My suggestion to that: if it is too small than make it larger in the doodad editor in the object editor.


Good luck all with your maps and enjoy the tutorial!


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