Terraining - Rivers Basics

Tutorial By Husky

Basic Rivers

by husky_003

This is going to be a small tutorial but it should help out some of you when making your terrain.

Most peoples rivers are just done by using the Shallow Water technique, but I think this method makes your rivers look nicer and cleaner.

This makes your rivers have no cliffs in it, but allows more variatoin on depth, height. Also makes placing Enivromental Doodads in your Rivers much easier, you can actually place them on the cliff.

When you first start a map you can choose cliff heights. The higher the cliffs are the Deeper you can make your rivers.

STEP 1: Placing Your Water
Firstly in the Main Terrain screen, go: Advacned > Enforce Water Height Limits.

Now use your shallow/deep water tool and place a river where you want it to go as you would with a normal river. Also if your going to make a lake of somesort just place a big area of shallow water.

NOTE: It doesn't matter how messy this looks just make sure it's wide enough for how big you want it to be.

STEP 2: Back to Normal
Okay, once you have placed all the water how you want it use Raise 1 (or Raise 2 if you used deep water), and raise the whole area you just placed water on. Yes bring it up so it's perfectly flat just like it was before you placed all your water.

So what was the point in that you ask? Well read on and you'll see.

IMPORTANT: Remeber where you've placed your river becuase you can only place water in that spot.

STEP 3: Making the River
Now going back to where the river was placed get the Lower Tool (the blue one NOT Shallow Water, we need Lower). Now where your river originally was lower that piece of land and you'll eventually come to water :eek:, but this is what you want.

So now lower the whole place that your river originally was.

You should of noticed that your rivers are now much smoother than cliff ones. You can still add bits of cliff here and there it should look fine on the most part.

TIP: Make different parts of the river differnt heights, this adds a bit of variation to your map.

STEP 4: Spicing it Up
So now all you have to do is add Enviromental and Water doodads and it will look alot more natural than your Cliff rivers. You can also add trees if you want to.

Do what you want with it now.

Hope you enjoy your new rivers.

Happy Mapping,

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