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Tutorial By Rad

This tutorial will help explain most aspects of Text and Tooltips, using both units, abilities etc.

Text & Tooltips

How to use Tooltips:
Its obvious that Text and Tooltips are very alike, you may have also noticed that Tooltips are different because they are the text that show up when you are buying/training a unit, item, learning an ability etc. I will explain what each Text/Tooltip does, and generally how to use them.

Text - Name : This is where the name of a Unit/Item is displayed, Note that for abilities this is only seen in the editor.

Text - Description : This is used inside the editor, mainly to describe what the unit/building does. For an Item this is a brief gold explination of what the item does, when you select the item it is located under its name.

Text - Name - Editor Suffix : This is located after the units name in the editor only.

Text - Hotkey : Its very obvious that this is the key that does the same thing as clicking on the unit/ability (For items it is only for purchasing the item). You can also copy a number/character in another field, then paste it into here to have a wider range of hotkeys (A Blizzard Oops?). Note: When using abilities you may notice - Learn, - Normal etc are attached, these are pretty much self-explanitory and in most cases are all the same.

Text - Caster Upgrade Names : This is the name (or rank) of a spellcaster (That can actually be used for many different types of units). This can be viewed with a valid Art - Caster upgrade icon. Using an upgrade to access different levels you can gain ranks. (Note: On a custom upgrade change the Stats - Class field to 'Caster' [Hence the name CASTER upgrade names]

Text - Caster Upgrade Tips : Used much like the Caster Upgrade Names, but instead lists the current abilities of the unit. Note: This doesnt have to be abilities, you can type anything and at the right level it will display the text entered in the current slot.

Text - Order string <Turn off/Turn on/Activate/Deactivate> : This is the order string used by Wc3 to detect the ability being cast, though you can change this I've heard only a few abilities actually have an effect when you change these fields. Two of these abilities are Spellbook and Channel. But thats a different tutorial!

Text - Tooltip - Basic : This is where you would see "Train Footman". Along with its Tooltip - Extended it describes a unit and what it can do.

Text - Tooltip - Basic - Extended : This is the field describing what a unit can do, and normally what it excells in and its abilities. This is commonly used to list the attack speed, damage, health, and armor of units in TD's

Text - Tooltip - Awaken : This is basically letting you know that this will revive a hero. Awaken usually shares the same text as Revive, but they are very different. Awaken is when you instantly revive a hero a tavern, Revive is when you re-summon your hero from an Altar, retaining its level, attributes etc.

Text - Proper Names : This is a list of names that will be randomly chosen once for each hero. Note: To store the name of a hero using a Metamorphosis ability you will need to apply the alternate form unit to Techtree - Dependancy Equivalents, and vice versa for the alternate form unit.

Text - Proper Names Used : This will determine how many of the Hero Proper Names will be included in the random selection, starting with the first. If you select 5 and have 8 hero names, only the first 5 will ever appear.

Text - Tooltip - Learn : This is the title of the ability in the Hero Skills menu, for multi-level abilities you can use Level %d to get the current level of the ability.

Text - Tooltip - Learn - Extended : This is a description of what an ability does that displays the effects of the ability for each level. Note: To skip lines in a tooltip either use |n or hold shift and press Enter.

Text - Tooltip - Normal : Basically the name of the ability seen in-game. For Heroes it usually displays the current level of the ability as well. Note: To automatically set the levels in multi-level abilities, right click and select 'Auto-Fill Levels'. It should pop up with the correct information to change numbers starting from 1 to increase 1 each level.

Text - Tooltip - Normal - Extended : Describes what an ability does, you may notice there is many "<AEme,DataE1>" areas within most abilities. This is called 'Raw Data'. The first set is the spell, the second is the field within the spell. To view the Raw Data press Ctrl+D or go to View > View as raw data. Then input the field like so <ABIL,VALU> with no spaces inside the <>'s.

Text - Tooltip - Turn Off (And Extended) : This will only appear for certain spells, such as Immolation, Heal, Mana Shield etc. Once you cast the ability it will show its Turn Off, untill you click (For auto-cast you must right click) it will continue to display the Turn Off untill the ability ends.


Hotkeys: The common hotkey method is to use the golden text color code - |Cffffcc00x|r. |c start the color code, the first set of ff are the transparency (Which does not work for text anyway), the second pair are red, then green, then blue. Then you have your hotkey, and |r resets the color to normal (White).

Autocast: The common autocast method is to use 2 sets of color codes to signal the turn off/turn is available. The turn on is sort of strange because it uses 2 color keys... - |cffc3dbff|cffc3dbffRight-click to activate auto-casting.|r|r Thats a straight Copy Paste from Phase Shift. It may be a bug, and im sure deleting a set will not harm anything. But anyways the color code is still basically the same. |c starts it, ff is transparency, c3 is red, db is green, then ff is blue.

Raw Data Percentages: For some percentage values, exluding ones like Bash, Critical Strike, Pulverize etc. you can use the raw data code like this: <Adef,DataA1,%>% (Footmans defend % damage taken). That will convert 0.50 into 50%, so instead of saying .5 damage taken it will say 50% damage taken.

Thats about it for now, dont think any screenshots are neccasary...
(Thanks to Dante who gave me the idea to make this, he doesnt even know yet ;) )

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