Using Waygates

Tutorial By PB_and_J

Welcome to my first tutorial. It isn't much, but at least it can be used if someone needs help with a Waygate later on. So here it is:

Waygates, The Fastest Way From A to B

First off, a few things to know about a Waygate:

What is a Waygate? A Waygate is a neutral passive owned building that lets units that enter its vicinty to teleport to a conected Waygate.

Where can I find a Waygate? The Waygate is a building found under: Unit Palette > Neutral Passive > Buildings.

Why use a Waygate? A Waygate is a building that adds that litle bit extra to a map. It is fuctional and practical. It can be used to travel to the other side in a large map, or can be used for a quick getaway from a enemy army in hot pursuit.

Allright, time to get to the good stuff, how to use a Waygate.

So, you placed 2 Waygates on the map in the places you want them to be at.
Start off by double-clicking the Waygate. Here you can choose if you want it to be player owned, its destination, and its color.

Player Owned: Pretty simple, I don't think I need to explain this.

Destination: Here's the tricky part. For a Waygate to work you need 2 regions, which are placed right under your 2 Waygates. I will call them: Region A and Region B, I will also call my Waygates: Waygate A and Waygate B.

Region A will be placed under Waygate B, and vice-versa.

Now double-click on the Waygate A and check that the Waygate is active. Now you may select a region that it will go to. So to make the Waygate work, you will need select Region A as the destination.

But were only half done, Now double-click on Waygate B, check that it's active, and yes, you guessed it, select Region B as its destination.

So you see, you need to have the regions and the Waygates to work together.

Custom Color: The custom color function is cosmetic, as well as functional. It makes the Waygate look nice, as well as gives the player an idea where the Waygate teleports to.

Now that you know the basics, time for some advanced things:

A waygate is a building, and so it can be built, right? So when it is built it will not have a target, right?

Here's a base trigger for the answear to this question:

Melee Initialization Events Unit - A unit Finishes construction Conditions (Unit-type of (Constructed structure)) Equal to Way Gate Actions Neutral Building - Set (Waygate) destination to (Center of (Playable map area))

Well that will just put the destination to the middle of the map, it can work, however that may not be the casue.

Here is another, more devolloped action, it requires a few triggers, 1 when the waygate is constructed, one when the constructing unit sets the position:

Events Unit - A unit Finishes construction Conditions (Unit-type of (Constructed structure)) Equal to Way Gate Actions Unit - Add Dummy Spell to (Triggering unit) Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Dummy Spell Actions Neutral Building - Set (Waygate) destination to (Target point of issued order) Unit -Remove Dummy Spell from (Triggering unit)

For the first trigger, I gave my constructing unit a Dummy spell. The next trigger sets the postition of the waygate to the postion of the spell being casted, and removes the spell.

However, setting the waygate destination will leak, use this code to remove the leak:

custom script: call RemoveLocation( udg_TempPoint )

Well that's it, my first tutorial, I'm pretty sure there's some typos, so if you find some please tell me and il fix them. Also, all feedback will be greatly appreaciated. I will add pictures in a bit, however I dont know who to directly add them to a thread (not an attachment).


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