General - Bounty and Units

Tutorial By ReVolver

Table of Contents

1. Finding the Trigger Editor
2. Adding the trigger
3. Editing the bounty

Step 1 - Finding the Trigger Editor

Like every WE and WEU out there, the Trigger Editor is found at the top left corner of the
main page of the editor as shown here.


Step 2 - Adding the trigger

Add this trigger to your map to make all enemy units give bounty. Without this trigger, only Neutral Hostile
creeps give bounty. Note that the last action is called
'Player - turn flag on/off for player,' and 'gives bounty' is one of the player flags and we also *if you want* destroy the trigger. (follow steps 1-3)





End Results


Step 3 - Editing the bounty

"Bounty is a random value between 'base + dice' and 'base + dice * sides' "
Every unit has a specific amount of gold they give away by default, but If you what them to drop more gold change it in the object editor.
Recommend Heroes : 200 gold , Hard Creeps : 100 gold and easy creeps or units for 45-60 gold.


Edit: Second Way (Require JASS knowledge)

If you don't want to do it using the first method I mentioned you can use this way.

This is a function made by Vexorian that is very useful: I have added the function and showed an example on how to use it.

This will give you 20 gold if you kill a Footmen unit type.


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