Skins - Import a Skin

Tutorial By Archian

How to Import a Skin
by Archian

This is just like importing models and icons, except for the custom path(s) ofcause.

Step 1: Get the Skin.
For this tutorial im going to use the Mecha-Giant skin by timfarman at
Download it here from the topic where it's been posted


Where can I find downloadable skins?

Download it, and extract the files into a folder.
Make sure that the skin(s) are in .blp format.

Step 2: The Import Manager
Click on the Import Manager (F12) in the tool tip menu.
(The tooltip menu)

(Import Manager Icon)

Then click on File, Import File (Ctrl+I) or Import Files (Ctrl+Shift+I) if you want to import more then one file.

NOTE – You can also click on the icon shown within the import manager to import a file.

(Import File (Ctrl+I))

Step 3: Import the Skin
Then browse through your files and find the skin you want to import.

Step 4: Custom Paths
You will probably notice that the imported file show a path like
This is incorrect and you need to edit it.

NOTE - Paths are usually different depending on the creator, the creator of a model or a skin chooses the path which the model/skin needs in order to work probably.

To edit a path of an imported file you double click the imported file and then check/enable the "Use custom path" checkbox. Now enter the correct path.

The path for this skin is Textures\MountainGiant.blp

NOTE – Usually creators write the paths for the models/skins so people know what path they should use so they don’t have to try all kinds of paths.

After you’ve entered the correct path, click on OK.

Step 5: Save the Map and close it.

NOTE - You could also change the Preferences of the editor, click File - preferences - Video - change detail of models and textures, click ok, reset these settings. This will force Warcraft to reload all the models and textures.

Step 6: Open the Map
Your skin should now appear in game.
Since this skin is based on The Mountain Giant the skin can be found at the Art – Model File under the Mountain Giant, notice that the model now uses a new skin.

If you can’t see the skin, try place the unit on the map.
If it doesn’t appear there, it’s either bugged or else the custom path is wrong.

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