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Since I have seen all these rpgs being made and talked about I will post this simple guide and will update of all the things that should be in a rpg. I plan this to be helpful for beginners and will remember it for quite some time :D

Also I didn't get the idea of making one from Lord Kakashi so don't ask :D

Guide to a Good RPG

Ok I will keep numbering all the basics you will need to create a fun, and creative rpg.

1. Story
The rpg requires a good story first off. It can be a rescue mission with a queen or something like that. It could be a disaster from some force and you must stop it. Stories provide a good view of a rpg and helps you figure out what the rpg is about.

As long as it's clear and makes sense you will get the hang of it.
Here are 2 examples of what a rpg can be fun for. I will clasify them as with not much action and much action since it's a key to the success.

Not Much Action: The story of this rpg is that a dedicated follower of a great wizard who has uncovered a sacred orb. The orb requires a sacred gem found in a temple sacred to the trolls. The student must uncover it from their grasp and use it to unlock the sacred spells of the ancients.

You may see this that the purpose of this rpg is that it only involves the striking of a temple and the gathering of a stone.

Much Action: The story of this rpg is that a simple hero must destroy a powerful undead lich who plans to destroy dalaran from the face of the world. He will have to go to far off lands like Kalimdor to speak to old friends, talk to ancient creatures, and even gods to learn abilities, info, and gain artifacts of legend to destroy the face of the undead from their land.

Now in this you see that the action here is vast since you can tell of the many vast lands you explore adding adventure to it. So judging from both you can tell this one is the best. So remember this tip as it is important.

2. Hero Limits
An rpg must also require a good amount of heroes that are also balanced.
You may know this already but even so it's vitally important to any rpg success.

From my thoughts 10 heroes is the minimum. The maximum depends on your map size since it will cause much lag and so on. At least 35 is a good amount of heroes to put as the max.

As said as well Keep Heroes Balanced .
It all depends on the stats, abilities, health, etc.
You may find many tutorials here to make the perfect balanced hero and I hope you do as it's a major role in playability.

Here are 2 links to hero balancing. Credits to 3nvy and Rabarber.

3. Max Level
A good rpg should get a higher level max then 10 for heroes as well as a bigger variety of spells and abilities. When doing more using a spellbook is much suggested.
Beginners should stick to their normal 4 spells and passive untill they learn exactly how to create them.

To learn about spellbooks and abilities in general check tutorial credits to UnknowVector.

Always remember it's Advanced>Gameplay Constants :D
If anyone wants to ask this question I suggest looking at the answer atop this line :D

4. Usage of Many Quests
Also in a rpg it's best to make a big variety of quests as it helps the low level players level up to do funner things in your rpg. Make sure they're not boring and are creative. Using dialogs is a very good way of making good quests.

Here are 2 dialog tutorials you should check out if you don't know how to make them in these links provided. Credits to both Orc Tamer and AceHart

If you also have problems making quests in general check this tutorial. Credits to husky 003.

5. Areas
RPGs should have a large amount of areas to play in. As long as you know your game caches this can be accomplished.
The uses of new areas are listed here...

1. Making new Cities (having more quests, shops, etc.)
2. Dungeons (Fun part to a rpg depends on how it's terrained and triggered though.
3. New level areas (Just a common usage including higher level creeps, different camps with higher level and difficulty quests.
4. Some are used as a bonus such as when the game is finished destroys a invulnerable destructable for example and enabling a mini game of some sort.

So remember to learn your game caches. For beginners learning them can be quite difficult. I can't successfully find a decent basic tutorial for them so sorry about that :(

6. Extras
RPGs should also have fun extras like the example I posted for number 4 in the usage of new areas. It doesn't matter what the extra is as long as it's fun and creative. It could be crazy from riding a car which I saw never attempted successfully so don't really take that idea.

7. Quest Cinematics Info
When making a quest make sure the cinematic is not boring. If it's all chatter it's not as interesting. To successfully make a change add some decent camera effects. The terrain can also affect the opinions of the the cinematics. You could create special effects and any kind of that stuff as long as it's well done. If you use too many special effects it could cause annoying actions like lag, pauses all kind of stuff so make sure you rememeber that. If your making one cinematic look good for a quest make sure you make all of them good but as said not too big or it make cause unwanted side effects.

Here are 2 tutorials on cinematics so if you suck at them check them out. Credits to XXconanXXX and Lord Kakashi

8. Creative Boss Battles
One thing I myself like about is creatively made boss battles. Very useful to making a good dungeon but pretty much required if that dungeon was the whole point of fighting him. Make sure like for example a rpg has hero max at 100 make the boss like 140. Give him a variety of abilities not just 4. I like to use at least 10 including triggered abilities.
I like to make triggers for the boss for lets say the boss gets to 1000 health.
As a result he will teleport around or something or use multiple aoes on you (dummy casters required)
In these kind of things I like to make the death creative so at least make some good sound effects and special effects.
As I said before don't make it so big because it will cause problems.

Remember the basic rules of a boss...

1: They should have more health then you.
2: They should have abilities.
3: Make bosses drop good stuff.

Some ideas to a creative boss fight:

1. Boss calling for help (adds)
2. Teleporting
3. Using aoe spells multiple times.
4. Teleporting everyone near him to a new arena only challenging since he teleports over a period of time and does what he pleases to kill you.
5. Traps in the arena causing damage to anyone who's there but make it so it only affects heroes so the boss should be a unit which is my method.
6. Some casters outside the arena still casting spells at you like curses, DOTs, etc.
7. Morphing to another form.

Remember to make a good drop for their defeat so it wasn't all pointless.

9. Secret Locations
A fun thing to do is add secret areas. I'm not talking about minigames but just secret areas requiring an action to do. Like in the get away maps in the campaigns you see that you must make a button combo. You could do that or something like entering a region or a region where a dialog pops up and if you answer it incorrectly you get teleported to an unknown zone.

Make sure the prize is rewarding not like gold or any other resource. Make it an item, tome, something worth finding.

10. Shop Variety
In a rpg remember to make a variety of shops. The shops could like for example require a quest to access but also make different kinds of shops like blacksmith, a reagent shop (gives stuff like the summon furbolg stone), tome shop, mystical item shop (sells chargable items but not books).

There are many shops to choose on but make sure you add all of them. Some could be guarded by creeps or found in a secret area your choice but as said a lot of shops. If it's a different way to find the shop (defended or kept in secret areas) make the items more superior then normal items you buy.

11. Quest Types
When making quests remember don't just make it a kill this thing. If you know triggering well you could do stuff like face off a citizen in a building contest or of that nature.
Remember quests doesn't always have to involve enemies.
They can be normal contests, or simple city tasks you get rewarded for with a few spare coins and/or some valuable info.
There are many varieties of quests you can make. As long as you know how your fine.

12. Ideas for a Creative Dungeon

1. Make the enterence of the dungeon guarded by high levels and also I liek adding a little altar for when a specific item is brought a gate opens leading you there.
2. Best to make challenges of how to reach a boss such as gathering reagents located inside or outside the dungeon.
3. Traps. Traps are always a challenge and you could try making one with levers to deactivate them such as in blizzards undead campaign map where arthas was trapped in the cave.
4. I like making prissons in dungeons where you can free people to aid you and also rooms where you get valuable treasures.
5. Maybe put a secret artifact like the 10 pieces of the shadow orb in the dungeon you were in when you played as nightelves.

13. Realism
This is not a major thing to know but I usually base off any rpg by it's realism. What I mean by this is as simple as to what happens to the rpg that relates to the terrain and the realism provided by heroes.

For example an underwater map. You can tell that it would have coral reefs, fish, naga, murlocks, makuras, all that stuff. If it has like outland plants in it then it would be wierd but it depends on your tile set.

Also for heroes if it was an underwater map the heroes would have any ability except fire so try to at least make 5% of your rpg real.
As said before not a requirment but people like me judge rpgs that way as well.

14. Protecting
For most advanced rpgs they require protection from others so they can't edit your maps.
As for pros at this they can easily break the protection and edit you map freely but it is a good thing to do to keep any noobie away.
Just remember the people who edit can also name it as their own which is a bad part to it.

Here are some map protecting tutorials. Credits to Vexorian and Orc Tamer.

15. Save/Load Codes
Save/load codes are also a key to a rpg success. These codes let you type codes to bring back your previous hero even if you were not playing for a while.
These codes are more difficult then game caches but still prove to be very useful additions.
Note: Any pro at unlocking protected maps can get these codes so be warned.

Here is a save/load tutorial. Credits to Decapatater.

16. Hero Additions
Most mappers add hero additions to their rpgs. These help improve gameplay and to make sure rpg more lasting in succuss.
Here are the common additions:

17. Professions
Professions are one of the things that make rpgs fun and also to help your hero. I won't have to tell you what professions since WOW pretty much has all of them. They provide uses for you for making armor, weapons, food, etc.
If you never played WOW here are the professions.

a. Blacksmith (Making armor and Weapons)
b. Enchanter (Adding magical properties to items but also making mystical weapons)
c. Alchemist (potion maker)
d. Leatherworker (Also makes armor but can make armor kits increasing armor as well as adding resistance to any armor)
e. Tailor (Also makes armor but they all have a good magical bonus at start)

Here are some secondary professions

a. Cook (Making food of course)
b. Fishing (Kinda difficult to make but gives you fish to sell or eat.

If you want to use professions make sure to add several material stores for each but make sure you still need stuff from the outdoors to get the rest. Also the way I do it is just give a hero it's starting profession and then he's prepared to work.
One thing as well. I suggest adding recipies for item creations. Here is a very good link to a tutorial that will allow you to fabricate professions easily and effectively.

If your a good triggerer you would be able to make several unique systems for all the heroes here are some examples.

a.Duel System
By the name of it you should figure out what it is. This system works with 2 players heroes engaging in a fight by either accepting it or declining. I also don't have the specific link for this yet but I know there is a post about this system.

b.Interation System
This system is about different then most but instead of just going to a region to get quests and talk to normal people you can simply press a button to interact with them. This system has been used in some of our members rpgs.

19. Neutral Info
Here I'll post any other nonrequired info for a good rpg but still proves effective.

1. Chat Bubble System
2. RPG Timers (As in showing how much time you played in game time)
3. Random Events (If you know how to create random triggers you can use this to make random events in a city or anything else you can think of.
4. Rare monsters (Just like in WOW I like to add rare monsters. These monsters are hard to find and drop useful items)

20. Special Effects (Edit)
In an rpg it's really good to have items that cause both a stat and visual change to your character. This is why I'm going to show that doing this helps improve an rpg in the visual appearence.

You can either quickly check here for a tutorial or you can just look at my method.

My method I'll provide an example.
For this I will take the Blizzard created item, Frostguard which you'd find if you were scrolling around the list.

Now that we have our item, we need to make an ability that allows the carrier to hold the item as if it was real. (In other words an attachment)

For this go to the special category in the abilities tab in the object editor and set the next category which is items.

Now scroll down untill you find item armor bonus +1 with the question mark icon. Now you can use any of the item abilities but for this example I'll use this one.

Now copy this ability so it's now custom. Next rename it as sword since the Frostguard is also a sword (You can also remove the editor suffix (+1). Next edit the defense bonus so it's 0. Now find where it says Target Attachments (Not points) and edit the 0 to a 1.

Now edit the first Target Attachment Point 6 bars on top of the Target Attachment bar and make it hand,right. You MUST have the comma between them and once you click on when typing it leave it alone. Now that the value is done we need the model.

My resource site of models and stuff was Wc3sear but since it's down now I go to this site.

For the sword example go to the model here and download it. When it's done downloading import it into your map leaving the model file alone and editting the image file by removing the Wc3 tag before the name so it's like NEWarrior.blp
Now when you imported it correctly go to that custom ability you made and select target on top of the attachment point target at which you put the hand,right tag and choose the custom model bar and select that model. Now finally go to the item columm in the object editor and find the sword Frostguard in the miscellaneous section.

Now select the item and look at where it says Abilities - Abilities.
Select it and click add ability and once you do find your custom spell which you made and your done. You now have an item that also makes your character look different. Have fun doing this with items.

21. Map Size

This is more of a suggestion but I think it benefits both you and the player playing your rpg as well. Map size can be important in several aspects.

1) The quality and quanitity of imports, detail, and other aesthetic properties.
2) Lag maintence and stability.

I think that if you're able to make small maps with a lot of detailed attached to other maps in your roleplay to make a chain, then your able to both focus a lot more on one map with a lot more flexibility but in addition, you'll be able to make sure players with even minimal hardware on their computer can run your roleplay with fluency and not lagging at all.

22. Items

A very big and important feature to any rpg. If your rpg revolves around a hero that the player plays with then making sure a good cache of items is utilized in your rpg. Items offer both fun and change to the progression of the player. Items can make you stronger, faster, even suppress you. Items can also be harnessed for special events or actions like opening a door or unlocking some portal to another location. Again, remember that BALANCE IS KEY!! Having an rpg where you get one item early on and then handle the rest of the rpg like your poking a stick at the dirt is not fun nor balanced.

Items are extremely customizable so it's best for you to experiment and balance the items out yourself. RPG's are primarily made through creativity so keep thinking, use items correctly and with balance and you will have accomplished a lot with your RPG.

These are my ideas to making a good rpg. I will update as said before when I can that is if I have more ideas :D.
I hope this guide helped you and I hope it was useful for anyone else with that knowledge as well even though most of this stuff is known and is meant for beginners.

Please post feedback and comments on my guide as I wish to improve it.


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