Terraining - Swamps

Tutorial By WastedSavior

Swamp Tutorial

I. This Tutorial will cover how to make a marshy/swampland
Alterations to Objects:
-Create 2 new Northrend Trees, Increase size of both to 1.5, set the fixed rotation of to -1, and pick one of them and change the maximum pitch angle to -1.5
-Create new lily pad (Preferably the one with 3 variations), Tint 125/125/125
-Create a river rush environment doodad, increase size to 1.5, and tint 125/125/125

II. Shaping:
-Your gonna want to start the map with shallow water, then use the raise land tool to shape out little islands

III. Texturing:
-Depending on what your going for, you can throw in some rough dirt, blight, or some leaves

IV. Doodads:
-Lay down some trees on your little islands, and throw a few of your fallen trees in the water (The ones with altered maximum pitch angle),
-Powder the edges of the islands with the river rush
-Add some small clusters of lily pads (Note: they usually grow in calm, shallow water, so try not to put them at the base of a waterfall, i usually put them in area's that look like they'd be sheltered from the rush of a river)

V. Added Effects:
-Create a dummy unit, remove shadow, give him locust, crank up his size, and change his model to the parasite projectile, throw these around, they look like will'o'the'wisp
-you can also throw in some decaying corpses, and flies, even a grave or two
-also go to map options under the advanced tab and use a custom tint for darker water, i went with gray
- Critters! unless your going for a depressing decaying lifeless setting! you'll want little beasties to wander around, sooo go to object editor, throw down a few skink and frogs, and to make things a little more realistic, tint them 150/150/150 to make 'em fit the scene, and shrink them till ya like 'em!
Doodads (Extended Ideas)
Birds - Why not? they make the skys a little more active
Bats - Don't want a friendly environment? whats freakier then a bat?
Flies - Flies are great, you can throw them on top of a corpse, or on a mushroom
Remains Scorched - Someone got lost and died!? poor sob..
Fish Dead - oh come on! this can be used in anywhere!
Fish - all 3 of them are good try placing them in a nice river rush area, or between rocks!


Authors Notes: Remember, this is my opinion of a great swamp, many will not see eye-to-eye on everything, and id appreciate their constructive criticism, also it is always a good idea to experiment with ability models, I've stumbled across alot of great abilities or unit projectiles that look great as dummy units!

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