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Tutorial By Romek

Changing the Positions of the Command Buttons
Scroll down for 'Changing Command Button Tooltips and Hotkeys'

Someone asked recently how to change the positions of the Command Buttons, and not many people knew how to do it. So I've made this tutorial to help those who want to change the positions, but don't know how to.

Download 'CommandFunc.txt' from the Bottom of this post.

Open it, and find the Button[s] you want to change the positions of. For this tutorial, I'll be changing the position of 'Attack'
It looks like this:
[CmdAttack] Art=CommandAttack Buttonpos=3,0
Buttonpos=3,0 Means that the Icon is in the position (3, 0) (X, Y)
Change that to what you want. If you don't know the positions, use this.

I've changed it to (1, 1)
[CmdAttack] Art=CommandAttack Buttonpos=1,1

Save the text document and open World Editor.
In the Import Manager, import the file, and change its path to

And you're done :D


Changing the Tooltips and the Hotkeys of the command buttons

Download CommandStrings.txt from the bottom of this post.

When you open it you'll find a list of the commands, tooltips and hotkeys. For this tutorial, I'll be working with move.

[CmdMove] Tip=|cffffcc00M|rove Ubertip="Orders your units to move to the target area, while ignoring enemy units and attacks. Issuing a move order onto a target unit will cause your unit to follow the target." Hotkey=M

'Tip' is the Name of the command as it appears in Wc3.
'Ubertip' is the Tooltip.
'Hotkey' is.. the hotkey (Difficult to guess isn't it?)

Edit this as you wish.

[CmdMove] Tip=|c0050BBFFR|c000080FFun|r Ubertip="Commands your units to run to the target point as quickly as possible, and avoiding battle." Hotkey=R

Save the text document and open World Editor.
In the Import Manager, import the file, and change its path to

Result: (The hotkey works too.)

If you have any questions or have spotted any errors/typos, please post them :).
I know the tooltip for the 'Run' is pretty rubbish.. but it gets the point across :D

Questions and Answers:
Q: Can you Remove Icons completely?
A: No. Not as far as I know.

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