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Ryoko TD v2.5 Full

Map Information
Submitted: SD_Ryoko
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Nov-10-05
File Size: 730kb
Rating:3.4 / 5

All new layout For version II. Five races, 87 towers, 30 game levels. New special game levels with immunities and abilities. Players are on teams of two. Build towers to strike down creeps. Go fishing and evade the gauntlet. Race your friends and taunt your oponents with new audio taunts.

A cleaned up version for official release.

Fixed a major bug where players could cheat, and creeps would never go home.

Some miscellanous bug fixes and some formality in wording.

• Fixed creep attack bug! (Biggest reason)
• Adjusted a couple towers and games.

Note: Creeps do attack when blocked or jammed. Odds are you won't lose a tower. The reason before was due to a bad condition, the creeps never stopped attacking. This is exclusive to 2.3 and is now fixed. Enjoy.

• You can now build with your partner in the center, but ground creeps in the center gain more armor.

• All new tooltips for every tower.
• Slightly smaller file size.
• Slightly different interface.
• Better timer functions and game logic.
• Improved lottery function.

• Better creep controls.
• Battleship game redone.
• Coin bash is team orientated.
• Easter egg game improved.
• Battle game totally revamped and is team orientated.
• Platform perill adjusted.

• More life for towers. Double for ultimate towers.
• Improved and new tower abilities for higher end towers.
• Water gained a wave tower. Fire's wave tower improved.
• Towers heal every round.
• Many small balance changes.


• Creep attack controls have been improved, so less towers will die.
• Towers heal at the end of every round.
• Ryoko doesn't dissapear anymore.
• Player towers STAY till round end when they leave, so you don't get sacked.
• Special abilities for towers (non passive) do much more damage.

• Purchase life cooldown fixed. Life cost is now 40, not 75.
• Lottery ticket cooldown increased. Buying more than 1 a round does nothing.
• Tower power adds MORE damage, adding 10 each instead of 6.

• Waters Elemental (wave tower) increased damage.
• Deaths Black Scorpion (and level 1 tower) are now CHAOS.
• Rock thrower for fire changed to AXE thrower (greatly reduces graphics lag).
• Splash for ****atrice works now (sorry!)
• AOE for all splash towers increased.

• Platform Peril has all new terrain!
• Beacons have changed for schooner race. Should be more clear.
• Tank Busters has been removed. (battleships is not done yet)
• Crazy Hunters fixed, so they do not autotarget.
• Reward for sea monster is now correct.
• Cameras for Road Race and Ryoko's party have been fixed (sorry!)
• Pathing blockers for Road Race adjusted.
• Rabbit Basher always shows up now. 7 peice coins have been added too!
• More time for Seal Clubbin
• More time for Coin Bash, and auto selects unit now.
• Aliens game adjusted for balance.
• Shooting Gallery (coins) has been fixed. Back row doesn't jam up.

Several tooltips, typos, hotkeys, TD engine bugs and descriptions were fixed.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By LightOrStar™ on Jul-26-10

Hi how you doit to spaw creeps 1 in 1?

By Citatus on Jan-30-10

Now I'm not good at TD's, but I think it's awesome! I mean, the custom stuff, it's like Captain MacMillan!

By ExplodingHit on Nov-10-09

Have you noticed that Forest Spider of Earth is overpowered. I did nothing but massed it and I didn't leak a single mob during the game. Not even a Bonus Mob! It was really lame. Still it's a great game and i've played it a lot. Earth is the best race I think.

By Xbing on Jul-10-09

lol DirtyJobs has no life.

By Holygiant on Feb-21-09

I just figured out that the character in the picture is Ryoko from Tenchi.

By lord dakoth on Jan-02-08

DirtyJobs, as I am writing this, there are 24,170 downloads of this map. By now, there are probably MORE. Tell me again that no one plays this map.

By DirtyJobs on Jun-28-07

How do you fix your bugs when noone plays this map

By TERRYperfect on Apr-12-07

Stop updating?????

What a pity...

By nigerianrulz on Jan-07-07

probably the best TD i have played so far

By Demonfaze on Aug-28-06

I very-much like this TD. It implements fun, balanced mini-games without confusing players. Also has nice terrain for a TD. But unfortunately it is ruined by the pathing bugs.

- Creeps attack when your maze is large. They attack generally as the creeps touch the waypoints, as creeps get jammed up when they are going in two directions (some trying to reach the waypoint, some trying to exit the waypoint)

- Later Levels (seemingly random) mess up pathing. This has happened to me on about 3 times out of the 10+ times I've hosted. Not enough to be disastrous, but certainly ruins the game if it happens.

To be more specific, they would walk to the first waypoint, then turn around and walk to where they spawned. After they reach their spawn point, they stop for the rest of the game.

- Lastly, if a creep touches the second waypoint before the first waypoint, it walks towards the end. In the early stages of a hook maze (at least the way some do it), the creeps hit the second waypoint while on their way to the first one, so this is a pretty important issue.

By nomadian on Aug-21-06

very nice map,a little in the style of Mario. Lots of custom models, lots of little fun elements, and nice smooth terrain.

By uareanoob on Dec-23-05

i would give it a 8/10
good map btw

By Chaosarmy on Nov-07-05

how do you protect your maps? good job 9/10

By Im_On_56k on Aug-03-05

One of the best td's iv played :)

By husky_003 on Jul-18-05

Those, minigames. I love 'em. I'm not sure if it was from you but I heard you were going to make a mini-game map, but you didn't because Uther Party came out.
Anyway, I still reckon you should make 1 cause those minigames are great.

Anyway to the actual TD, it's a great TD because you can play with any amount of players, which is a high point for me (because I can't host).
Goodjob - 9.5/10

By SD_Ryoko on Jul-18-05

Thanks guys :) I always appreciate your support.

By Shadowy Fear on Jul-18-05

At last, a TD that hasn't been hacked or copied off of Dixel's TD, Water TD, or any of those other cheap, inbalanced TD's! :D Good job! This is probably the best TD I have seen --- all the races are fun to play, the minigames give you something to do besides build towers and watch them blast creeps, and it is noob-friendly! 10/10!

By XXconanXXX on Jul-16-05

A very good TD, the minigames are very fun, the balanced is precise, and I see little to no bugs in it.

Good work!

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