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WoW Ethical DEMO W.I.P

Map Information
Submitted: duderock101
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Jul-29-08
File Size: 2051kb

WoW Ethical


I started this project ages ago. It didn't get very far but then i thought what the heck lets try to get it over and done. This map was all about questing. Doing quests are fun, you get given a direction and you follow it. Some people like being shown what to do so you feel you participating in something. You don't have to do quests in the game. Some quests might let you go to new lands that you wouldn't if you didn't do the quests. Please not that this map is around 20% completed.

Most of the quests i used came from other peoples ideas. I would like to say a great thank you for those ideas. The best were given credits on map. I am still looking for quest ideas so i might re use my old thread. This map is quite big at the moment so even though it's 20% complete theres still alot to do. I will be adding more and more professions and even though i have really tested this map you may find soem bugs but hay i havn't finished yet.

If you do find bugs then please let me know. Thanks .

About the Map

First of all you must choose what team you would like to play as. Allaince or Horde. At the moment Horde has more quest line and is flexable while Allaince makes you feel your being pushed some where. Allaince has some quests that arn't working at the moment but i'm getting there.

Then once you've chosen you may pick from 6 different Heros.

Death Knight
Cloaked Warroir
Druid (This one needs work on!)
Faceless Hero
Bloodelf Rouge

They are O.K. but not as good as they will be once ive updated them.
After once you've done you hero selection. Depending on what team you've picked you will be transported to an area. There are starting quests you may do near the starting location or you can just go out and kill things you see. Up to you.

Please note that this is Working in Process. It won't be a high enough standerd to complete so as i said before even though its been tested you may still find bugs if you do please let me know.

Thanks again for reading and i hope you enjoy the W.I.P map. I will put updates on the map here.


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