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Race Replacement 2.0

Map Information
Submitted: BebopJelli
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Aug-01-08
File Size: 277kb

Anyone who played my previous race replacement maps will be very familiar with this. Little has changed, say for many balance tweaks, some text mistakes, and a couple new spells for some units to more differ the races.

Anyways, I decided to start working on this again so I could start using the AI editor. Currently, computer opponents will still play as the original four races. With the next update, I will have at least basic AI for them, as well as an extra thing I plan to add :) Its a secret.

Stay tuned for further updates (I'll make sure the update is worth putting up from here on). As with my previous ones, take anything you want from the map or do as you please, it is un-protected. Just be sure to give credit if you use something that I didn't personally make (check the credits under the quest tab).

If you like the map, leave a comment. Got any constructive critisizm, speak up.

Above all, enjoy them map! Play with friends or random players, whatever you feel like.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By WarToast on Aug-03-08

Just tried the undead race... Seems like you just took away all the good units and replaced them with crappy units. The fast trained skeletons and zombies are pathetic and what the hell is the point of one abomination corpse every 20 sec? :P

This race is terrible, I have a hard time seeing how I can win a game this way.

By WarToast on Aug-03-08

Hey man,

I like the idea of this map, unfortunately I doesn't work out very well (imo).

I've played Naga, Trolls and Blood Elves so far.

Trolls: All their units look alike and sound alike. Heroes are boring and their abilities seems very random. Trolls' spellcasters are first of all not as described in the tooltip, second, giving frost armor to cheap casters is maybe too good. I've only played once. Anyway, I don't think they're worth much, since they can't give simple heals or buffs as Heal and fx. Bloodlust.

The shadow hunter is pretty good considering his price. Again, giving hero abilities to fairly cheap units is seldom a very good idea ;) Was able to win by having 4 shadow hunters just spamming away serpent wards and hexing all units. All in all: Needs more diversity, and also their buildings are annoying, it's hard to find out which building is what, since they all look the same.

I like the idea of the troll heroes, one from each tribe, but as mentioned, their abilities are very random, and they aren't very fun to use.

That's what I'm going to say for now. Will probably comment later sometime on the other races, but so far I can say that naga have really strong units and the blood elves seem like a total copy of the human race.

Have fun dude ;)

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