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unnamed rpg

Map Information
Submitted: pltn
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Aug-20-08
File Size: 1860kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

Choose from 7 hero types. for now the challange is trying to kill the carnifex boss in the south east corner of the map. I wish all who try good luck if you are able to kill it. send pltn a wsp on bnet and i will host latest version for u to try to kill it with a witness. 90% terrained, 40% doodad, 5% hero filled, and 2 quests. will be updates frequently.

all those who want to look at triggers plz wsp pltn on bnet, this map is protected.

I apologize to the first 22 downloaders for giving a bad map file here is a good map file that is still protected


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By Nighthawk on Sep-12-09

Very cool original-rpg feel. The quests were a nice touch. Me and my friends were thinking of making a game where you'd pick a hero and fight your way through a dungeon with periodic bosses. A game I would certainly play with friends and progress through if it was finished and ofcourse had additional content. GJ <(^-^)>

- Need to pan the camera when you go into the shops.
- There are 3 picks available for each hero from the taverns. I assume you have their re-stock rate set at 1 second.
- Assasins blade says your attacks will not deal periodic damage, but doesn't say for how long.
- pan camera when you go into spider quest area
- tooltip missing for one of the heros and buy pickaxe
- Take visibility away from hero pick area and hero pick portal after hero is chosen

Look forward to trying it out again after BETA :)

By grognog on Jun-01-09

pretty cool
4/5 because it is beta and not done

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