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King of the Castle

Map Information
Submitted: Im_On_56k
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Sep-01-09
File Size: 242kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

Your castle is under attack and you must defend it. Play an all out total war by defending off your castle from intruders, and attempt to ruin your enemies castle by sending your forces to attack.

But this isn't no regular defense map. You must click the units to kill them. You can research new attacks that will do more damage and have different effects to units.
You can also train wizards,archers peasants and construct a guard tower to help defend your castle.

Play in teams of 2, or an all out ffa!

Version 3.0 hopefully should work.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By DragonClaw on May-29-09

By NightShade on Mar-16-09

sorry for the double post, my last post was cut off.
When I last played this map I was up to tier two and I sent six swordsmen(best melee unit) at the enemy but two of them appeared in my lane! I couldn't kill them because they where my own units and no spell that I could cast could harm them, and I couldn't delete the order for them to attack my castle. even with my three peasants the swordsmen still made my castle's HP go in a downward spiral. I was crushed shortly after that. I don't know what caused that but it should definitely be fixed.
Also, when one upgrades to tier two, nothing really changes, the units change, but the best tier one unit has more health than the best tier two unit, even though one could buy four tier one units for the price of a tier two unit. There should be better upgrades, better weapons, better defenders(like a ranger>archer) and more better units available when one upgrades to tier two for it to be worth it.

hey, I just noticed that I play this map more than any other map.

By NightShade on Mar-16-09

Yeah, I noticed that whenever I play this game with a computer player my computer has a 50% chance of closing warcraft halfway through the game, usually when me and my ally send a huge army at the enemy. I think this is because the computer is trying to click all of the army and send units at the same time and can't handle it. Maybe you should add a priority list to stop the computer trying to do everything at once, if your still willing to work on this map.

>how you got a picture to the map?
well, he could have taken a screenshot by pressing F13 and then edited the image in a program like photoshop or gimp, or he could have used a program like Grab to take a picture of the game.

By WolfieNoCT on Nov-07-08

Whenever a player leaves, it closes WC3.
Whenever a computer dies, it closes WC3.
Fixx :| ?

By NightShade on Aug-28-08

My finger went numb after playing this game, but it's fun! So who cares?

By ssggss on Jun-24-07

how you got a picture to the map?

By Korolen on Mar-25-07

Oww... carpal tunnel syndrome...

By nomadian on Aug-21-06

Nice map, played against the computer and was on the last bit of health of the tower when I figured out what to do. :P

By Kenak on Oct-08-05

o.O Just like that Flash "Defed the Castle" game, except in that you can upgrade your walls and they try to blow up the castle, meh.

Fun game!

By Rad on Oct-07-05

Hope your finger feels better 56k... :)

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