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Imperium: First Session Ekrom Lands 0.24b

Map Information
Submitted: Avahor
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Sep-03-08
File Size: 559kb
Rating:2.0 / 5

you must take control of the others neutral´s and oponent´s castles, kill all enemy emperators and protect your Imperium and your bastions from the enemies sieges and the killers.
There are two modes of playing game, select it with host command: -rush and default (no command)
In -rush mode you must take control over 15 castles for win the game.
if you conquest a new castle, you can training the unit of that castle. Select the best units to conform you army. the most powerfull melee unit in game are the krakens, Alfils can walk in every terrain type and very long ranged attack but slowly speed. ghost are very speed attack... arlequins are a very good ranged attack, a lot of archers hunt dragons, etc, etc, etc...
There are six initials races: The orc, the Human, the elf, the dwarf, the ghost and the vampire race. and two forces: The lord of Ekrom and The Dark Horde. the warriors (future emperators) in highs levels becomes very powerfull, but if they die two (5) times then the owner of dying unit is defeated. Your wood indicator has number of current life of your emperator and your food has number of castles down your control.

If you loses al of your bastions then the initial bastion, near of your imperium makes vulnerable. the imperium make vulnerable after it.

To make a powerfull castle you must add a custom spell. collect minerals (there are three diferents type of minerals, Light mineral, Earth Mineral and Dark mineral) and put it in a castle slots, need 6 minerals of all types.
Example: to add Ventizca (80 damage, 14 waves, 800 AoE, R 3000) you need 3 dark mineral, 2 earth mineral and 1 light mineral. There are ten castle spells, but you can add nine in a castle. warning, if loses that castle, the enemy take castle and spell control, select the best tactic to conform your defence.

well.. enjoy the game..
question or bugs, please send email to: [email protected]


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By Tythoid on Nov-08-08

The terrain is surpringly good and inventive well worth having a look around the map compared to units which take a age to build and thier stats dont in anyway relate to price. Heros are underpowered and usually the first unit to die :) Final point text is either in english spanish or a mix of the two. Its got the makings of a good map im just guessing he found the unit creation the most boring part and rushed it.

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